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Pregnant mother safe winter, little sick little strategy – Sohu maternal and child pictures from the network weather and the baby’s face, like a word on the change. This is not so in the winter and in the first few days of cloudy and rainy weather came quietly, although the two days of sunshine for a while to show face, but soon to be mischievous wind scatter, the cold comes free. Winter is beautiful, it seems that everyone will be immersed in a piece of white snow. Unfortunately, there are not only the winter snow, there are 39 extremes of cold and ice thousands of miles. The pregnant mother in this very cold and slippery period should be extremely careful; besides, winter is easy to many virus epidemic season, many diseases have found an intrusion. Poor resistance of pregnant mothers and infants and young children should pay special attention to the high incidence of disease in winter and to prevent. Pictures from the network [] the most common cold have a fever cold winter outdoor and indoor warm contrasts, and indoor drying easier to respiratory problems, while pregnant mother because of their own reasons for sports in itself than in the past to reduce the number of the pregnant mother in winter because of the probability of a cold or respiratory disease treatment more than usual many. If it is cold symptoms, pregnant mothers need not worry, because their immune system can resist virus and natural healing, without drug treatment; but if the symptoms are more severe when they have to use drugs, especially have a fever over 39 degrees, in order to avoid the high fever caused by fetal heart rate, should be treated, and if the continuous several weeks of high fever, fetal development of the nervous system may be affected. Therefore, pregnant mothers in the winter due to cold and feel unwell can use brown sugar ginger water prevention method to prevent colds. When feeling threatened may catch a cold when you boil a bowl of ginger put a little sugar to drink, put some garlic and ginger onions to prevent colds in winter. In addition, every day to get up after the wash, gargle with salt water, drink half a cup of boiling water, not only can prevent colds, but also on the gum health benefits, due to pregnancy gingival hyperemia, prone to gingivitis. But when the sun came out after the window ventilation, if the sun is not out of the ventilation window, the higher concentration of CO2 is not good for outdoor, mommy. There should drink plenty of water to prevent colds and pharyngitis, drink every day from 600 to 800 ml of water has a good effect on the. Pictures from the network [foot] leg cramps disrupt sleep during pregnancy cramps easily occurred in winter, it is associated with the change of temperature, if coupled with the pregnant mother’s lack of calcium, is more likely to happen, especially in late pregnancy, sleep at night will often attack. When the cramps can pull the foot, massage, or move to let the blood activating. So how to prevent leg cramps? 1, sleep to keep the lower limbs warm, especially before falling asleep. In winter, the pregnant mother can put on a clean, soft cotton bed; don’t let leg directly during the summer or cold air blowing. 2, do not be too tired to avoid too much walking or standing too long. The rest will raise the foot slightly flat, toes extended upward, so that the calf muscle relaxation, relieve swelling and discomfort. 3, often by!相关的主题文章:

Longer more practical to drive the Yellow Sea n1s 4WD gasoline Extended Edition denka

Longer more practical to drive the Yellow Sea N1S 4WD gasoline edition Phoenix car Beijing drive: at home, pickup trucks and light trucks belonging, so for the selection of pickup consumers, tend to practicality as a precondition. With the gradual release of many provinces and cities to limit the pickup, as a very practical model, pickup also ushered in the development of a good situation. The Yellow Sea automobile’s N series pickup models in the market has been a good reputation, and now the new model of the N1S model was officially launched, today I went to experience some. The Yellow Sea launched a new N1S two drive version, four-wheel drive version, the diesel version, the gasoline version of the ordinary version of the extended edition, etc. a total of 16 sub models available to consumers, the price range of 8.28-11.68 million. Today I want to test the 2.4L 4WD gasoline lengthened version of the model, the price of 106 thousand and 800 yuan. Appearance: tall, fashionable elements. Body size table   the Yellow Sea N1S 2.5tvolvo Qi bell T7 2.5tvolvo ZTE Lord long (mm) width (mm) and high (mm) wheelbase (mm) tab: Summary: Phoenix car appearance seems to be more like Ford F-150, TOYOTA is that imported pickup, a lot of people are too "country fan children for domestic pickup impression". When a mighty tall, yet stylish atmosphere of the new N1S there, absolutely can break your idea. If you drive it on the street, you don’t have to worry about the rate of return.相关的主题文章:

Li Keqiang will visit Russia’s visit to China to inject new impetus for the development of bilateral

Li Keqiang will visit Russia China visit Hebei to inject new impetus to the new agency in the new network in Beijing in November – 1, the development of bilateral relations (reporter Guo Jinchao) "I believe in the joint efforts of both sides, this visit will inject new impetus to the development of comprehensive strategic partnership between China and russia." Chinese assistant foreign minister Li Huilai in Beijing on October 31st China Premier Li Keqiang upcoming visit trip is that. In October 31st, the Ministry of foreign affairs China on Premier Li Keqiang’s visit to Russia and held a regular meeting with Russian prime minister held a media briefing, Assistant Foreign Minister Li Huilai, Liu Haixing attended the meeting about the case, and to answer questions from reporters. Russia and China are the most important comprehensive strategic partnership. Li Huilai said that this year, the comprehensive strategic partnership between China and Russia continue to maintain a good momentum of development of a high level. Frequent high-level exchanges, deepening political mutual trust, maintaining close strategic cooperation in international and regional affairs, pragmatic cooperation and cultural exchanges in various fields fruitful. Li Huilai said that under the joint efforts of both sides, bilateral trade gradually stabilizes, both sides in investment, energy, aviation, aerospace, high-speed rail, infrastructure construction, development of the Far East areas is the implementation of a number of major projects of strategic cooperation. Russia is also actively promoting their own development strategies and docking "The Belt and Road" construction and the construction of the Eurasian Economic Union Cooperation docking, in order to promote the common development of the two countries, the revitalization of new provides an important opportunity to deepen regional economic cooperation. "Prime minister Li Keqiang’s visit is one of the first half of this year an important bilateral high-level exchanges." Li Huilai said that during the visit, the two prime ministers will jointly signed and issued the "twenty-first regular meeting with Russian Prime Minister Joint Communique", to determine the next phase of the development of bilateral relations and expand bilateral pragmatic cooperation in key areas and projects. The two sides will also sign a number of cooperation agreements involving trade, energy, customs, education and other fields. "I believe in the joint efforts of both sides, this visit will inject new impetus to the development of comprehensive strategic partnership between China and russia." In addition to visiting Russia, Li Keqiang will also visit Kazakhstan and held the third meeting of the Kazakh prime minister. Li Huilai said that Li Keqiang’s visit is the prime minister again after a lapse of two years to visit Kazakhstan, Kazakhstan reflects the relationship between the high level of strategic mutual trust. Li Huilai said that during the visit, Li Keqiang will work with the leaders of Kazakhstan comprehensively combs the current cooperation in various fields, and promote relevant cooperation especially capacity cooperation smoothly, international and regional issues of common concern on the table, increase in international issues on coordination and mutual support. The two sides will sign cooperation documents relating to trade, finance, energy and other fields. (end)相关的主题文章:

Liu Shishi cuckoo the successful transformation from ballet to actress of film and television helmet怎么读

Liu Shishi Chen Xiaoyun from the ballet Rhododendron   the successful transition to film and television actor actress – Fashion – Liu Shishi graduated from the Beijing Dance Academy 2006 undergraduate professional ballet class, is the real ballet Cobain, don’t see people thin, but you see what is ballet dance professional. Liu Shishi, who had a passion for ballet, wanted to be a ballet teacher. In 2004 chance starred in "Moonlight wind" heroine leaves wind and entered the entertainment circle, "Legend of Sword and Fairy three" and the "startling step by step" of the Solanum nigrum O’Young becomes popular role to her by the public attention, gradually from a dancer turned actor occupation. What the cuckoo has always wanted to do is a ballet dancer. From the age of seven he was sent to his mother ballet school is nine years, who knows God told her a joke, because the longer the high sub cuckoo had to give up ballet, because of the height of the model world she moved gradually become famous, its unique temperament is Peter Chan phase in her life movie first "Chinese" partner, which began to enter the entertainment circle, then starred in "Hong Kong?" "New York New York" and other works have recognized by the audience. Is Beijing TV and Zhejiang satellite TV, the latest ratings data show ranked first in the urban family big emotional drama "farewell", which played a small mom sister Tina’s Chen Xiaoyun, in 2006 06 undergraduate first admitted to the Central Academy of Drama, she was also a Beijing Dance Academy ballet 7 years professional background dancer. Recall the dance practice situation, Chen Xiaoyun said: "in fact, dancing is a very boring thing, 12 point stop at 7 in the morning to rest at the noon hour, the afternoon to continue until 5 pm, really very tired in the class, some students even dance tired to vomit blood, I also because no on the night did not stop practicing lead who have a lot of injuries to asthma, so the time of graduation to still want to continue to jump when the college entrance examination, did not expect the final by the Beijing Dance Academy ballet, the Acting Department of the Central Academy of Drama and director of the Department of acting classes with honors admitted at the same time, I thought, I could really suitable for the actor." The Tina and son Xiaoyu is a pair of quarrelsome lovers, Chen Xiaoyun is by virtue of its hot friends praise the little mother beautiful sister cute in the fresh and natural acting, acting by the audience is successful. (commissioning editor: Zhao Chunxiao, Li?)相关的主题文章:

Art town gathered in the hole of the largest open container building 300 thousand running man 20130908

A minimum of 300 thousand container construction [Abstract] art town gathered brain hole wide open for a small town, into the spirit of the world, on a landscape of lakes and mountains. Everything in the world, the heart, meet myself, encounter the beauty of life. Huailai Guanting town public art (real estate information) 180 square yard villa real estate news private Tencent Guanting public art town private lake sits embrace twelve Bay, 180-260 square meters of private garden villa, 40-70 square meters hardcover apartment, a quasi Xianfang hot sale. The first phase of the project villas and high-rise hot subscription. The first public art town of Guanting area of 180-300 square meters villa apartment layout, blank endorsed, the average price of 11000 yuan square meters; high-rise apartment layout area of 40-70 square meters floor in 1 and 100-200 multiple flat in 3, 70 years of property rights, hardcover submitted price 300 thousand. The project is to start arranging, townhouse Paihao enjoy 100 thousand against 200 thousand discount, arranging to enjoy 20 thousand against 40 thousand discount level. Address: Beijing City, Haidian District Suzhou Street Paihao No. 16 b (Guanting town life experience of Public Art Museum) or Huailai County of Hebei Province town of Huailai Guanting Guanting Reservoir on the east coast, please pay attention. For details, please call the sales hotline: 400-819-1111 to 651181. Tencent Beijing big Beijing real estate buyers, real estate hot topics discussed. Tencent Beijing purchase 3 group 128868262 public art town Guanting to view the details of the lowest price of 8500 yuan square meters of real estate Gallery | the latest 400-819-1111 651181 town covers an area of 5300 acres, of which 2000 acres of land for construction, a total construction area of 1 million 600 thousand square meters, comprehensive volume rate of about 1. Program is divided into five phases, the current phase of the development process, a total of 320 thousand square meters. "" "" "click to view the comments of public art in Guanting town above information is for reference only, the final announcement to developers. [Abstract] for a small town, into the spirit of the world, on a landscape of lakes and mountains. Everything in the world, the heart, meet myself, encounter the beauty of life. Fangshan, a small town across the river (real estate information) 127 flat overlap Tencent real estate news across a small town located in Fangshan District, the world geological park, a scenic spot. Le · Yidu green town six Diepin and the platoon in the sale of products. On the stack and Diepin lower stacked, apartment layout area of 127-140 square meters, stacked on the balcony, under balcony and courtyard, with an area of 70-140 square meters; the platoon apartment layout area of 150-200 square meters, balcony, courtyard and basement, with an area of 100-250 square meters; Diepin the average price of 11000 yuan square meters, the platoon the average price of 13000 yuan square meters, the total price of 1 million 400 thousand sets of November 30, 2016, blank endorsed, property costs 4.15 yuan / square meters, please pay attention to ·! > > > join the Tencent Beijing Fangshan real estate group, real-time discussion of the hot topic of purchase: 312318672; a cross green town view details of the lowest price of 1 million 400 thousand yuan to improve residential units.相关的主题文章: