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28 billion to 100 billion, green Teng can be described as a new – Sohu science and technology capital is not a bad thing for the quality of the project, the tide receded after the market at a glance, the quality of the project will get more resources and space. Unlike other projects the dismal market, Qingteng entrepreneurship camp on the upgrade, students entrepreneurial project valuation way bucked the trend, in July last year the opening of first class, 40 students total enterprise valuation from the opening at the beginning of the 280 billion for growth of 100 billion, more than 80% enterprises successfully enter the next round of financing. Nearly 4 times a year of growth, so that growth is the future, this slogan has not become empty talk. Qingteng early, at the right time as a mechanism of entrepreneurship education, entrepreneurship camp Qingteng is not alone. Entrepreneurship education is a long-standing, exotic. This kind of education already existed in the United States, Draper, a famous venture capitalist in Silicon Valley, Tim University (Draper). Of course, China is not far behind, CEIBS entrepreneurship camp, horse entrepreneurship camp, Lake University have, this is not the only one. Qingteng entrepreneurship camp is Cheung Kong and Tencent to cooperate in the development of entrepreneurship education project, designed to help those who have received A round of financing CEO accelerated business, since 2015 opening, after a year, successfully held two. Review of the development process and successful experience of Qingteng entrepreneurial business for more than a year can be seen, it is doing the right thing at the right time, both climatic and geographical conditions. Day: catch up with the "double" wave. At the beginning of 2015, the public entrepreneurship, innovation of the wind is strong around the Internet and the entrepreneurial activity is very hot, O2O, electronic commerce, supply chain, VR, broadcast, sports and other air turns up. As a national strategy, management has been a positive response from capital and technology. At this time, green Teng entrepreneurial camp also bred one, to help others entrepreneurship. A conference in the year of the Tencent, entrepreneurship camp officially unveiled, time not early or late, early to early height "prosperity" market confusion, increase the difficulty of screening project, late and is not conducive to seize market space. The best node in 2015, it got the tickets for entrepreneurship education. Location: relying on Tencent open resources. Qingteng entrepreneurial business originated from the Tencent open platform, in line with the Tencent open strategy, Tencent is open to support entrepreneurs in the internal logic of entrepreneurs on the concrete manifestation of the soft support. As a platform level company, Tencent made a great effort in support of management on. After five years of accumulation, based on their ability to open, Tencent has created an Internet venture as the main theme of the valuation of 300 billion of the open ecosystem. In 5 years of exploration and practice, the Tencent found entrepreneurs common pain points, namely entrepreneurs in knowledge, experience, learning also has a strong demand, so entrepreneurs with service education project, Qingteng entrepreneurship camp came into being. And: gather a large number of high-quality projects. Tencent with years of support for entrepreneurs and together, become the largest high-quality entrepreneurs gathering platform. In the pioneering camp on the first public experience of Tencent, also on.相关的主题文章: