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5 billion Deng Ya Ping: the establishment of the fund insider expose "disappeared" in those years – Sohu news   the evening of October 29th, according to the Sohu "focusing on people" was informed by the Henan provincial government commissioned Zhongyuan asset management limited capital and the Deng Ya Ping team co sponsored by Deng Ya Ping sports industry investment fund was formally established, this is China’s first named by the famous athletes the sports industry fund. The target size of the fund is 5 billion yuan, the first phase of the scale of 500 million yuan, will be raised and operated in accordance with the market approach, focusing on investment in sports events, sports venues construction and operation, sporting goods manufacturing and sales. 2016, on June 9th, Deng Ya Ping officially quit the people’s daily, into the venture capital circle, announced the return to the field of sports. "5 billion Deng Ya Ping sports fund" is the first big action. In silence for nearly two years after Deng Ya Ping left the immediate search, of all kinds of questions always keep silent. The occasional appearance, always accompanied by controversy. Once ping pong queen, inspirational model was reduced to "black" constitution. In the past two years, what did Deng Ya Ping go through? Over the past few months, Sohu focus character column visited Deng Ya Ping’s friends, colleagues and other people around, for the first time in the eyes of the storm to restore the Deng Ya Ping. They provide the official data, also conducted a belated rumor on the "burned 2 billion yuan" rumors.   insider revealed that the disappearance of two years, Deng Ya Ping mainly in the aftermath of the completion of the whereabouts unknown, the past two years in the past two years, Deng Ya Ping is not like the rumors that the whereabouts unknown". "Rumor network popular lost light 2 billion", people’s daily, the yard is still can see the high-heeled shoes, clothes and Deng Ya Ping. The iconic hearty smile and work in the former member of "Deng" seems to have no difference. However, her thin figure is still lonely, the immediate search where the East sanhuan high-grade office empty, painstaking draw to the entrepreneurial team temporarily moved to the outer rings of Daxing District, the original panguso office building. Deng Ya Ping went back to the people’s daily, she served as Deputy Secretary General of the people’s daily. In early 2013, instantly search (the original search) and started the handover with Pangu search on the occasion, "burned 2 billion" rumors on the Internet after the media exposed, reproduced, continuous fermentation, the "decided" thing. The immediate search HR sources, Deng Ya Ping heard the news when just from Europe began to come back, not too seriously, think "burned 2 billion" and "immediate search layoffs" no basis, in accordance with the normal public relations program, foreign rumor, to explain the situation can. The rumor claims had been prepared, but the newspaper "foreign response" requirements that Deng Ya Ping can only do dumb, just by the HR department through internal meetings and email are described. Close colleagues describe this period of time, Deng Ya Ping: "after the rumors and the requirements of a ‘smooth transition’ pressure, buried in a variety of chores." "Even at the height of the pressure, Deng Ya Ping was no stranger to the sun相关的主题文章: