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OPPO wins the championship this year is a foregone conclusion – the Sohu of science and technology in October, the latest data released by the well-known research institutions IDC, first quarter of this year, shipments of OPPO and vivo in Chinese market reached million and million, for the first time to become the championship Chinese market, HUAWEI, millet and apple are in place. Then, after 3 months of fighting, who will become the China intelligent mobile phone sales champion? According to the old Ji IDC in the first three quarters of the data to do a summary, surprising results: mobile phone manufacturers in the first 3 quarters of total shipments (million units) OPPO 5390 HUAWEI vivo 4750 Apple millet old Hebei found that OPPO has the HUAWEI narrowly million. So, HUAWEI is likely to force in the first quarter, once again return to the first? The hope should be very small, let us look at OPPO and HUAWEI in the first quarter of this year growth: 2016 first quarter year-on-year growth rate of OPPO 106.1% HUAWEI 5.1% we can see that the growth of OPPO is a thousand li a day the third quarter of this year, but also July wins while chasing, launched a total sales of 10m R9 upgraded version of the R9s. The third quarter of this year, HUAWEI is standing still, only quarter enlarged move. February, HUAWEI released for the young consumer groups of Nova product line; July, HUAWEI glory also released a thousand machine glory play 6X; at the beginning of the month, HUAWEI will also release business flagship Mate 9. Several heavy bombs hit down, hoping to have a good harvest. However, from the point of view of probability, OPPO annual shipments surpass HUAWEI and the possibility of winning the title, is far greater than the possibility of HUAWEI catch up from behind. We look at the recent IDC years shipments data: Champion year champion shipments (million) in 2014 2015, millet millet old Hebei is expected to OPPO and HUAWEI in the first quarter of this year’s new release density and promotional efforts, the two shipments this year are expected to exceed million units. With last year’s champion millet shipments (million units) will grow a large cut. Then look at the following data: 2016Q3 2015Q3 1-3 percentage increase in market share of 49.9% 43.1% +6.8 4-5 market share 15.8% 17.8% -2.0 read the above data: the old Hebei be startled at the first 3 quarters of this year the top three shipments market share is about to break 50%! 6.8 percentage points soared over the same period last year, the percentage is seized from the hands of the 4-5, there are 4.8 percentage points is coming from outside the search. It seems that the last two years can not be on the amount of mobile phone manufacturers, only letinous edodes blue thin. IDC shipments data, in fact, mobile phone manufacturers sell channels Sale In data. Strictly speaking, the phone is only sold to the real consumer (Sale Out?相关的主题文章: