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Stand fast weekly | carousel figure style, the electricity supplier order notes new functions such as on-line technology – Sohu webmaster Hello, new features this week updated page carousel figure style, business order notes and page administrator entrance, single community topic labels address. You know what you don’t know, do it all in the weekly! The new page photos (carousel Figure) assembly line. 1 – add photos styles Gallery, support 5 style 2 photos – support style editor, support more custom, 3 – click switch can adjust the speed to the carousel "content", the specific item set 1 – photo electricity supplier orders add note function, the seller can order in order to note management, better order management note the electricity supplier orders all orders in. 2, increase management entrance electricity supplier in the home page, the administrator can click directly into the new community management business community support for individual topic tag links. A week featured Q- on the page to join the carousel figure speed can be adjusted? A- can. We have just optimized photos components, components can be changed after adding the carousel carousel figure speed in the "content", there are four options to choose from, the slowest 10 seconds zhang. Q- how can I let merchants into my site? A- set up more shops, open more permissions to invite businesses settled site. See: Q- why bind the top-level domain name is not successful? A- quick bind user does not support the top-level domain, only bind the two domain support, a binding independent domain name, refer to the help center: Q- delivery and electricity supplier after single how to receive real-time order message? A- via SMS, the number of public template messages to accept orders, refer to quick tips: what time can receive Q- fast currency recharge invoice? A- month 16 to 15 next month for the invoice will be sent in the next month, the webmaster please wait patiently. This week’s fast station weekly for everyone to introduce here, welcome to the station to send a message. For more information, please pay attention to the official station of Sohu WeChat (micro signal: souhukuaizhan)相关的主题文章: