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When the mobile phone technology cross: "blue" in fashion "powder" in science and technology – Sohu specializes in the development and research of color of the renowned authority – Pantone, released in 2016 two annual fashion color — RoseQuartz (Rosa powder) Serenity (Ning Jinglan), and quickly be fashion goers widely used in clothing and beauty industry in 2016 to become the pursuit of the trend of many Master. Review of global fashion show this year, the two color accounted for almost all of the fashion show, it is not difficult to foresee, 2017 will be blue and pink world. Now, the wave is not only confined to the fashion and beauty industry, also spread to the intelligent mobile phone industry, perhaps due to Pantone inspiration, Samsung launched the fashion pace of coral blue and jade like stone drilling powder two popular color Galaxy S7 edge in the day before. S7 edge suddenly "color", not only for Samsung to become the most close to the pulse of fashion technology companies, also let S7 edge be across technology and fashion circles darling two. Samsung’s fashion has long been a fashion seems to have become a new trend in the past two years, the development of the smart phone industry, from the star endorsement to the appearance of the phone design, are full of fashion. "Cross-border technology + fashion, Samsung is the industry originator. In the years before Samsung proposed a product concept of "leading fashion technology", the innovation of science and technology has always been close to fashion. In 2015, Samsung deliberately Gear S2 release at Shanghai fashion week, for the first time presents a collision of technology and fashion, the MWC 2015 mobile communications conference, Samsung launched a series of metal fuselage Galaxy S6 and S6 edge+ and by the double surface design, giving the impression that Samsung seems to deliberately keep the quality of Science and technology to strengthen the application and innovation of fashion elements. "S7 edge", a continuation of the rhythm of fashion color in 2016 two annual fashion color — RoseQuartz (Rosa powder) and Serenity (quiet blue) is the first Pantone and selected two colors as the annual color, two colors together, warm pink and blue tones of the common cold, showing a gentle calm feeling. The two annual evaluation of popular color: "more quiet blue" is the main color of summer series, is juxtaposed with the "Rose powder", the key is to combine these two colors, so beautiful to dream, unable to extricate themselves. Talking about fashion, people will naturally think of clothing and beauty, habitually to exclude the phone. But in the just concluded Shanghai fashion week, Samsung Galaxy S7 edge did shine, design four almost beyond the limits of surface science and technology let fashion have a large coffee sigh of surprise, the limits of technology is the fashion, fashion and technology never seems to is accompanied by. Samsung Galaxy S7 edge not only the appearance of fashion, the function is also very cool, double pixel sensor, lens aperture, the相关的主题文章: