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The light shines into the homes of ordinary people "- Sohu and Xinhua News Agency reporter Li Yahong, Zhu Jichai, Lv Ang, driverless car robot" express little brother "and" sweep face pay ", the naked eye 3D tv…… 15, the opening of the World Congress of the Internet, the light of the World Expo, focusing on the development of China and the world’s cutting-edge Internet Science and technology innovation results show. The new product has more than and 310 domestic and foreign enterprises to the public into a new living space, travel, home and daily consumption, lets the human brain hole wide open, these products will be gradually into the homes of ordinary people. Travel wisdom: while driving the office these days, between Wuzhen East and West Gate Scenic midnight Road, became intelligent driving demonstration road. By Baidu, NOKIA and other companies to bring more than and 10 driverless cars on the road, attracting a large number of public to experience. In the light of the Internet Expo site, the reporter saw the blue and white Baidu driverless car roof wearing a small hat – laser radar. During the course of the vehicle, the radar kept rotating, collecting vehicle ambient data, instantaneous detection range of up to 120 meters. Traffic lights, road traffic lines, a variety of traffic signs, the surrounding obstacles, etc., driverless cars can identify." Said automatic driving division director of R & D architect Wang Liang Baidu, all the data detected, will be transmitted to the "brain", a "brain" including high precision maps, intelligent sensing, intelligent control ability, it can perceive the surrounding environment according to the real-time information, real to the optimal path, and by predicting the vehicle and pedestrian traffic behavior and intention, make decisions, so as to control the normal driving of unmanned vehicle. Volvo has unveiled the new "smart Internet car", according to the need of automatic driving and manual driving in arbitrary switching between, when the user starts the automatic driving mode, can through the system analysis and calculation to determine the precise automatic speed or deceleration and steering command, can make travel easier when congestion. The United States of Zhejiang new energy automobile Limited company to bring new energy concept car, as a "super Internet terminal". The car not only can drive automatically, but also has the function of mobile office and intelligent communication. United Automobile Transport Boat chairman Fang said: "enterprises will put more power into the technology research and development, the concept car into production car, so that more people can travel smart." To use the information economy to stimulate the economic corner overtaking, and even change the road overtaking." Deputy Secretary of Zhejiang provincial Party committee, acting governor Che Jun in the "Internet light" Expo opening ceremony said that the current wave of information technology is not only a technological revolution, the industrial revolution, but also a social revolution, will deeply affect and change the way of human life. Intelligent service: sweep the face can be paid without a wallet so that everyone can enjoy the fun of science and technology and change, which is the slogan of many exhibitors. "This is a 8K TV set, as clear as a mirror." In front of the SHARP TV booth staff to visitors, the TV shows the image of the people feel the naked eye 3D effect.相关的主题文章: