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Do not want to pay tax in the EU? Apple or some overseas cash to Tencent Francisco, according to foreign media reports, the European Commission ruled that Apple needs to pay the Irish 13 billion euros ($14 billion 500 million) after tax, apple CEO Tim · Cook (Tim Cook) said that the company may be the fastest in the next year will be at least a portion of the billions of dollars in overseas cash back to the u.s.. Cook of the ruling intense reaction, expressed his anger to the Irish media Thursday, criticized the ruling political farce (political crap), said the European Commission miscalculated the apple tax rates in ireland. EU antitrust transfer Margaret · Weiss (Margrethe Vestager) in Cook’s remarks immediately responded, denying the EU ruling political behavior, and the tax rate calculation results defended. She said the EU officials used the figures provided by apple, as well as from the United States Senate a few years ago, the number of hearings on the matter. Apple holds approximately $215 billion in cash and other liquid investments overseas. A long time ago in apple as part of overseas cash eventually transferred back to the United States to set aside reserves. However, Apple has also said that in the near future will not consider any foreign cash transferred back to the United States, unless the United States to amend the corporate tax law, the transfer cost is not as high as before. In August of this year, Cook told the Washington Post that the tax rate in the United States will not be transferred back to the United States before the cash. But he also said that the United States next year to adjust the corporate tax rate is optimistic. On Thursday, Cook in an interview with the Irish National Radio and television (RTE) on the matter again. He said that Apple could be the first from the beginning of next year will have some international business profits back to the United states. "We have set aside billions of dollars in reserves for overseas cash transfers to pay us taxes. Now, I expect our overseas funds next year will be transferred back to the United States, "Cook said in an interview. In order to avoid paying taxes in the United States, U.S. companies hoard $2 trillion in overseas cash. When American companies turn overseas profits back to the United States, they need to pay 35% of the corporate tax rate, but they can get a tax credit after paying taxes overseas. Apple and many other U.S. companies executives believe that this tax rate is not fair. Apple reserves about half of its overseas profits every year to pay taxes back to the United states. Apple said that the current amount of the reserve is about $30 billion. Apple’s 2014 annual report, the company’s global profit tax rate of 26.1%, including foreign taxes have not been paid. Cook believes that the tax rate is "reasonable"". Cook also said in an interview with RTE, he expects the Irish government will make "the right decision", the EU ruled back tax appeal. The EU ruling on Tuesday, Ireland was required to Apple recovered 13 billion euros of tax. The European Commission said that according to Ireland in 1991 and in 2007 to provide tax arrangements for apple, apple in the year to 2003 to!相关的主题文章: