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Busan to experience a different kind of Busan tourism in 2016 the Sohu idle away in seeking pleasure – Analysis of humanity’s best film, the current situation is that the "Busan line". Gong Yoo played as a stone securities agent, will be selfish in her daughter’s education, the safety of the people to ignore the description of the good. So when the companions were sacrificed, daughter in danger of being bitten, his "humanity" began to recover, in the end to her daughter’s safety, lonely jumped off the train, the audience tears trickling down cheeks. Play small girl with the innocence of a child, treat the elderly humility and polite, whether it is grandma or strangers. But the fat uncle represents a sense of justice, youth baseball represents the sentimental and courage of youth. High speed rail station is selfish and fear of deduction to the final, after the mutation, was kicked off the stone to death. If we lose the "human nature", and zombies and what is the difference? "Busan" is worth a look at the film, because of its deep humanity. Is Busan worth a visit? Follow the expert travel, we travel to Busan by KTX. KTX high-speed train from Seoul to Busan only 2 hours and 30 minutes. In the movie "Busan line", the hero from Seoul to Busan, take the Beijing cauldron line. This route will go through Seoul – – – Asan – Tian Longshan light field – East Daegu – – Busan – Milyang Gupo etc.. Busan how to play? Busan is South Korea’s largest port, is the largest city in South Korea in addition to Seoul. Had fallen to the Japanese colonial Busan, rebuilt in 1607, and became the first Korean port. If you want to play Busan, must use a different identity "". A chowhound eyes of Busan 1, Zagreb the seafood market 4.1 of the hornet’s nest score Zagreb the market, is a good place to eat seafood. Here is South Korea’s largest seafood market, fresh seafood prices low. Arrive at the Zagreb subway station, you will see a variety of seafood delicacy. The whole market is clean and neat, fleshy plump seafood, look can slobber. In Zagreb the market, you can buy seafood restaurant cooking, can also direct orders in the restaurant, the price gap is not. Zagreb the seafood market has 50 years of history, it has more than more than and 300 seafood shop. Interestingly, most of the women here to sell seafood, they are called "the sister-in-law zagreb". If you have time, you can find more seafood here. 2, eat in Busan international market international market food street food street has 60 years of history, where you can sit in a chair beside the food stalls to eat kimbap, Rice Sausage, fried rice cake and other South Korean special snack, so taste delicacy scene is a Korean sentiment. During the Korean War, this is a free market for refugees to buy things, from the Busan port in the life must be able to buy goods, so called the international market. Now the international market catering street, clothing, shoes, bags are all goods can be purchased, not just eating street. 3, the hole hole in the street bustling street delicacy delicacy, eat a lot of delicacy to eat, hawker stalls do not go!相关的主题文章: