Liu Shishi cuckoo the successful transformation from ballet to actress of film and television helmet怎么读

Liu Shishi Chen Xiaoyun from the ballet Rhododendron   the successful transition to film and television actor actress – Fashion – Liu Shishi graduated from the Beijing Dance Academy 2006 undergraduate professional ballet class, is the real ballet Cobain, don’t see people thin, but you see what is ballet dance professional. Liu Shishi, who had a passion for ballet, wanted to be a ballet teacher. In 2004 chance starred in "Moonlight wind" heroine leaves wind and entered the entertainment circle, "Legend of Sword and Fairy three" and the "startling step by step" of the Solanum nigrum O’Young becomes popular role to her by the public attention, gradually from a dancer turned actor occupation. What the cuckoo has always wanted to do is a ballet dancer. From the age of seven he was sent to his mother ballet school is nine years, who knows God told her a joke, because the longer the high sub cuckoo had to give up ballet, because of the height of the model world she moved gradually become famous, its unique temperament is Peter Chan phase in her life movie first "Chinese" partner, which began to enter the entertainment circle, then starred in "Hong Kong?" "New York New York" and other works have recognized by the audience. Is Beijing TV and Zhejiang satellite TV, the latest ratings data show ranked first in the urban family big emotional drama "farewell", which played a small mom sister Tina’s Chen Xiaoyun, in 2006 06 undergraduate first admitted to the Central Academy of Drama, she was also a Beijing Dance Academy ballet 7 years professional background dancer. Recall the dance practice situation, Chen Xiaoyun said: "in fact, dancing is a very boring thing, 12 point stop at 7 in the morning to rest at the noon hour, the afternoon to continue until 5 pm, really very tired in the class, some students even dance tired to vomit blood, I also because no on the night did not stop practicing lead who have a lot of injuries to asthma, so the time of graduation to still want to continue to jump when the college entrance examination, did not expect the final by the Beijing Dance Academy ballet, the Acting Department of the Central Academy of Drama and director of the Department of acting classes with honors admitted at the same time, I thought, I could really suitable for the actor." The Tina and son Xiaoyu is a pair of quarrelsome lovers, Chen Xiaoyun is by virtue of its hot friends praise the little mother beautiful sister cute in the fresh and natural acting, acting by the audience is successful. (commissioning editor: Zhao Chunxiao, Li?)相关的主题文章: