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"I" is the Red Army officer Zhu Yuchen "struggle" ten year gift – "I am the entertainment Sohu Zhu Yuchen stills" Sohu entertainment news recently, starring Zhu Yuchen March Gift Show "I am red" is Zhejiang TV Chinese blue theater hit. The play from the figure Nie nine (Zhu Yuchen ornaments) from the perspective of the long march of the Red Army to witness the great journey, about how to transform from a small figure into a hero of the story of the nine. "Struggle" 10 years, Zhu Yuchen with the growth of a small figure interpretation of the spirit of the Long March, "struggle" for the past 10 years, Zhu Yuchen cross the comedy, the challenge of comedy, for his career opened up a new field. We do not go to tender niche change for a "I" in Zhu Yuchen against the Red Army in the city the tender young image, storage hair incarnation metrosexual man man. In Zhu Yuchen’s interpretation, Nie nine, seems to lead a fast in his eyes was full of the careless about dressing, wise and shrewd, "riffraff hero" both intelligent and courageous, dare to love and hate at the expense of the characters portrayed vividly plump body exudes a unique charm of male hormones. When asked about the understanding of the spirit of the Long March, Zhu Yuchen said: "the spirit of the long march is an absolute faith and a unyielding faith for a long stick, the final victory belongs to the most persevering." "Struggle" for ten years, Zhu Yuchen gave himself a ten year gift of "I am" as the 80 anniversary of the victory of the long march of the Red Army’s gift show, Zhu Yuchen said pressure but also proud of their motherland gave a different gift. Not long ago, Zhu Yuchen, the article, the horse came to a "struggle" ten years after the photo, so that everyone in the feeling of the passage of time is also looking for the memory of the past ten years. Ten years, Zhu Yuchen low-key, pragmatic, generous, deep entertainment is not publicity, hidden power and name, ten years later, Zhu Yuchen made a cross-border comedy, comedy, to satisfy his desire for the comedy has been a lot of friends surprise: "Zhu Yuchen cross-border comedy Hin accident, is out the challenge, but it is a very special ten anniversary gift, like you!"   相关的主题文章: