Zhoukou 16 year old girl lost contact with Zhengzhou for the past 6 days have been found thanks to f-sql2005安装图解

Zhoukou 16 year old girl in Zhengzhou has been lost to 6 days to find the family thanks to the latest news: September 19th afternoon, Zhoukou 16 year old girl in Zhengzhou lost 6 days, anxious family from home to Zhengzhou for help, and the river client, after the message is sent by the society, the local media, users have forwarded together to find. On the morning of 20, Keke’s brother Li Liuxin call the river client, good news reports have caused concern, my sister has made contact with the family. He wants to pass the river client, thanks to the media attention to the issue and friends said! Lee Liu Xin said, these days have been Ke Ke and bestie together, did not leave Zhengzhou. Through the network that the family is looking for her, my sister this morning to make a phone call to his family. — — the afternoon of September 19th, Li Liuxin readers to the river client for help, his 16 year old sister Li Keke on September 13th in Zhengzhou city cultural road or near China World Trade Center 360 lost contact, has not been able to contact the family is very worried. Li Liuxin told the Dahe client editor, he lives in Huaiyang County in Henan Province Huang Ji Xiang Village, sister Li Keke was 16 years old this year, in 2013, did not finish junior high school will not go to school. In August 25th, Ke Ke found a Zhengzhou a beauty salon work through the network, then beauty salons that need to pay some money, not in the dry, and found a number of work did not earn money. "My mother in September 13th to Ke Ke call, she said it did not work, and a girl in Jiangxi." Li Liuxin said, before a smallpox Ke Ke 30 yuan to find a hotel. The hands of money, do not let the family money, the family advised her back she would not listen to his mother, said on the phone to sleep in the square. "Later I another sister, Keke’s sister gave her to 60 dollars in WeChat." "More than 11 points on the evening of 13, Ke Ke also called my mom, but my mother fell asleep, not received, the morning of the second day back, has been shut down." Li Liuxin said the family began to worry, the second day he came to Zhengzhou to find his sister, but also to the police station asked. Li Liuxin said, Ke Ke 13 that day to her sister made a WeChat positioning, display the address in the vicinity of the Cultural Road No. 97, "I found her in the near China World Trade Center 360 activities in her circle of friends." It has been 6 days failed to contact the Ke Ke, 19 in the morning, the family went to Zhengzhou City Public Security Bureau Cultural Road police station public security management team officially reported, police are currently investigating. Li Liuxin urged users to help forward diffusion. See if you can contact the Ke Ke, call 155386804561589052584913463646123 and her family!相关的主题文章: