PEAK gradient technology running shoes technology cross night running artifact-特命战队go busters

PEAK gradient technology running shoes: technology cross night running artifact PEAK # gradient technology running shoes I give you to test equipment # PEAK evaluation Lawson: when you ask me, the love running at what time, I would say the summer season at night; when you ask me what is the most important night running, I will tell you two words: safety. With the recent cool weather, I began to run the night, but gradually I found, clothes and shoes that only a little reflective material, much like and not for safety, I am still frightened, dare to accelerate. But at the same time I received a PEAK gradient acceleration running shoes, wearing it running at night, let me confidence upper reflector, equipped with gradient soles and I can let the technology best run, therefore, it has become the main equipment, I run the night. I get the design is a crystal blue, black color, with a circle of yellow as a decorative bottom. Ice crystal blue looks like a happy mood, like the autumn sky, black and yellow with the middle of the bottom color, but also make people feel lively and calm. Color is very athletic, very free, very nice feet. Although this shoe is not the main super light, but it is very light, very light to take up. The upper part of the outer side of the shoe, the use of a very common single layer of cloth material, this material can provide a good experience to the runner breathable, so much loved by major brands. But unlike other manufacturers, PEAK the vamp actually hidden mystery, the thin shoes, contains a lot of reflective material, the day is not easy to detect, but at night as long as there is a light illumination, it becomes dazzling full upper, greatly improving the running safety of night running. Not only that, I feel the upper hand, very tough, like durability must be bad. PEAK logo on the vamp tilt, looks very dynamic. During the day, the vamp of the night light shines, it is worth mentioning that the shoe’s inner side of the shoe, and the use of the design is very different from the outside. The inner side of the shoes inside the shoe, no longer use the seamless splicing technology, instead of the traditional suture design. Thus creating the design of the shoe vamp on foot are asymmetric, full flavor, this is also one of the highlights of the shoes. The material of shoe shed shoe is very soft, after the shoe is worn, the shoe house is close to fit ankle front, very comfortable. Shoelace is tight, there will not be a slip phenomenon, in my observation of a few nights running, shoelaces have never opened, which also proves that the PEAK shoes on the material, the material is very sincere. The shoe heel part of the heel support is also very good, although not heel with 3M reflective material, a little regret, but its hardness is let me very surprised, saying "this part of the PEAK RUNNING", by hand it would be difficult to deform, on foot, lock the heel, then run up. Every step is very stable. Gradient technology soles, you need to focus on, because this shoe is the main goal of speeding up the bottom of the runner to bring the running experience. The so-called gradient acceleration technology, the principle is to use a variety of different materials in the soles相关的主题文章: