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Nadal suffered a tour _ catch station _ sina sports _ newspaper in Shanghai in October 13, the Shanghai Masters tennis tournament on the 12 day of an upset, Nadal in the tournament debut in 0, losing more than 2 of Serbia’s first round encounter Troy. After the game, the Spaniard said: "for me, the season is over." The whole game is subject to strong Spanish king of Troy and serve and attack on the baseline does not have any advantage in the ball, the war to 3 than 3, Troy broke the deadlock two break, won the first set. Second Nadal and Troy battle to grab seven, although Nadal saved the match points, but was defeated in the opponent to take. The Nadal hit the ball 1 ACE, then hit 11 a troy. Just down from the stadium, Nadal Day came to the baseball cap press hall, the entire conference tight face, without a smile, "the opponent is a threat, although the net performance is better than me, but obviously tonight does not belong to me." Nadal said, "I tried my best to keep my faith in the fight, but still lost, I tried my best." The 2016 season Nadal have injuries, at the beginning of the first round of the Australian Open out, although successive win in Monte Carlo and two stations in Barcelona, but because the French left wrist injury halfway out of the race, then the Wimbledon has not played, although the Rio Olympics got gold medal in doubles, singles not gains medals, then in the U.S. out of the fourth round. "After the game, the season is over for me." Nadal said that the annual Asian season, he is not easy, usually do not have a good performance. "It’s harder to get injured this year." Nadal looked disappointed, he began to review the injured after the schedule, "I want to communicate with the team, and my uncle talk, now, stop playing method is not the solution, or training to solve the dilemma." Nadal said, now can do is to keep their confidence as much as possible, "can not look back, look back, there is no sense, because nothing can be repeated." At present, the most in need of improvement, Nadal locked his forehand, "my forehand can cause no trouble to each other, perhaps because I just hurt my wrist, some fear, perhaps I can not give full play to the cause. But I don’t care, I care about is the forehand must be able to create a threat, the recent performance is not good, I need to take my forehand back next year." (Ni Yanhong Ping Ping)相关的主题文章: