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Kuailu’s two platform alleged illegal sequestration investigation work to honor the delay Sina foundation exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Beijing daily news (reporter Yue Pinyu) half a month on the occasion of the final payment from the bottom line only, Kuailu group two platforms for alleged illegal sequestration by the economic investigation investigation. Yesterday, Shanghai Changan Public Security Bureau announced that the "deer money" and "the wealth" did not obtain legal qualification case, external publicity and promises about 10% fixed annual rate of return, not specific to the public to raise funds for the community, their behavior is suspected of illegal absorbing public deposits. Currently, the public security organs have been investigated for the two units, the relevant responsible person to take coercive measures according to law. Notice that the public security organs will maximize the recovery of assets involved, in view of Kuailu group in April 6th this year, announced the acquisition of these two platforms, the public security organs with the relevant departments will urge the Kuailu group to fulfill their social responsibility. Yesterday, a number to Kuailu group headquarters activist investors said that the Shanghai Municipal Public Security Bureau of Economic Crime Investigation Corps has been involved in the Kuailu group to conduct a comprehensive investigation, recently will be given the results of the survey, the current Kuailu group’s office has not entered the common people. Beijing Daily reporter noted yesterday, the official website of Kuailu has been in the web page cannot be displayed state. Kuailu group for "IP MAN 3" box office storm pushed in the teeth of the storm triggered the payment crisis, payment, gap of up to 10 billion yuan. As of now, Kuailu payment event has continued to ferment for nearly 6 months. Although Kuailu a commitment by the assets, but from the total payment plan, to honor the work of only half a month, the actual payment work has been delayed. In the first press conference in April 6th this year after the payment crisis Kuailu group, including Kuailu group announced the payment principle for the future: to honor the work of the fastest in July 1st this year, the latest in October 1st start; all payment will be completed before March 31, 2018, all payment delay period will not exceed 14 months after the payment of the contract products; payment interest in the contract period in accordance with the provisions of the contract interest rate, extend the period of 6% years will be in accordance with the interest rate etc.. Also in August 26th, the group announced the first batch of Kuailu asset package: no confirmation has been known as the audit of the asset package, the value of 10 billion 150 million yuan, of which more than half of the "accounts receivable". According to the announcement, the first assets included in the package of assets, including equity funds 1 billion 250 million yuan, housing property rights of $1 billion 682 million, accounting for claims of $5 billion 570 million, foreign investment of 1 billion 640 million yuan, vehicles, 10 million yuan. However, each payment to key nodes, there will be some Kuailu confuse the public events from inside the palace bucket to the executives of fraud, as there is no real progress to honor the work. For investors, is still the most concerned about the normal work of ensuring the payment of security. One has to leave the Kuailu staff to the Beijing Daily reporter said, before making a lot of Kuailu farce, whether it can successfully cashed, she said is not optimistic. theory相关的主题文章: