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Star baby, poems are eyeing the same Earrings?! Sohu – sharp eyed Xiao Bian found that Angelababy recently attended an event when wearing a earrings, and even Liu Shishi to attend their annual meeting wearing is the same. What kind of an earring let two goddesses risk hit shall also want to wear? "Angelababy Liu Shishi after a small carpet search, found that this is a new jewelry brand from Singapore — Carrie.K. Carrie.K was founded in 2009, inspired by a trip from designer Carolyn Kan. Carolyn is regarded as a "befuddles designer very aura". She worked in the advertising industry, and in an interview a long time ago, someone asked her, "what would you do if you weren’t in the advertising business?" Carolyn Kan did not hesitate to answer is "the silversmith, jewelry designer!" She worked in an international advertising company as general manager for 5 years, one day in 2008, all Carolyn Kan suddenly decided to lay down their hands, began to take a hard look at yourself and ask who you are, what you want is! Get your answer, she went to Florence, with a year’s time to learn how to become an excellent silversmith, and founded Carrie.K in July of the same year. Carolyn Kan design is provocative, is the traditional sense of precious jewels challenge. Different from the traditional exquisite and expensive jewelry, Carrie K. is more traditional handicraft and divergent humor combined, so as to reveal the wearer’s personal independence of conduct. CarrieK. each series has a special story. Pigment disc, daily necessities, Greek mythology, mathematical symbols can become the designer’s inspiration, on your wrist or neck find their position. In the past few years, Carrie K repeatedly hit good results, let people sit up and take notice of the silver jewelry design, jewelry design in 2010 to get the award, ELLE 2012, her design won the Japan fashion design master Yamamoto Teruji’s son Yamamoto Yuji’s favor, there are at least 6 series of products to be sold in the shop Yamamoto Yuji Make One’s Mark. Creative design by fashion Master love so chic jewelry mengchuo read the original download "OFashiona fan orange" APP search "Carrie K" is worth you have相关的主题文章: