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Business Security for a workplace can mean a lot of things, the physical security of access to as well as data security in regards to access rights and data theft. However this article is in regards specifically to physical security of the workplace such as prevention methods and benefits. You may or may not have been unfortunate to have been a victim of theft in the past, either way the threat is ever present and that is why security measures are getting more effective and .prehensive. One such prevention method can be security cameras, CCTV allows a person to monitor several locations at once and record what is happening. This can be crucial in preventing theft as criminals are definitely less likely to rob you if they may get recorded .mitting the theft, it can also provide you with evidence of the burglary which you may need to rely on later in court to get a conviction and .pensation for your loss; this makes CCTV a high priority in terms of security. Specialist mirrors such as surveillance mirrors also play a part in developing .prehensive security as well as lowering costs as they can expand the view of a security camera without the need to buy an additional camera. This is great for places like shops and offices where the cameras focus on close quarter areas which may have obstacles in the way such as display shelves. In terms of theft prevention, door security can play a big part. As well as traditional lock and key access methods, there are now more fool proof options available such as mechanical digital door locks that allow members of staff to .e and go as they please without the need for a key. This is great for places that use systems such as flexi-hours in which members of staff need access to the building at all times. The security number can be changed on a regular basis to ensure it doesnt get given away accidentally. Other door locks can include finger scanning as well as key card locks that can be scanned or swiped for access. These allow the need for something physical to open the door that cant easily be replicated. Site security can also be an issue if you are in control of a large area such as the main building with an attached car park. You should invest in protective fencing such as anti-climb fences which can be fitted with theft deterrents such as spikes or anti-vandal paint. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: