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Business NYB Buffalo Axial blowers are found throughout the world operating in industrial processes where performance, reliability and maintainability are of paramount importance. Ranging in diameter from 6 inches to over 9.3 m, and with a variety of impeller designs, control systems and layout options, they form a comprehensive series of axial fans to satisfy virtually all industrial applications. The majority of Buffalo Blowers from New York can be grouped into four broad categories; variable pitch, non variable pitch, and mixed flow. All these blowers are supplied to the high standards of New York state manufacturers association. NYB Buffalo offer a complete line of propeller fans and blowers, capable of moving from a few hundred cubic feet per minute, to heavy duty adjustable pitch props with capacities up to 1,000,000 CFM and with static pressures from 0 " Water Gauge (WG) to 15 " WG. Buffalo Blower NYB products include standard axial fan designs as well as custom manufactured units to meet customers’ requirements based on ISO 9001 manufacturing standard in the state of New York. Over the years NYB Buffalo supplied axial blower fans to a wide range of industries and for various applications including: general building ventilation, make-up air systems, tunnel ventilation, petro-chemical, power generation, marine and off-shore structures, pulp and paper, HVAC, paint/spray booths, fertilizer and various emission control applications, axial fans for corrosive applications made of FRP, stainelss steel, or anodized aluminium. For warehouse and production we offer a complete line of manecoolers, spot coolers, and ceiling fans. For the commercial HVAC market, we offer general ventilation fans for institutional and retail buildings, schools, restaurants and hospitals. Special materials, construction, explosion-proof and spark-resistant design, variety of coatings and accessories are available to meet practically any application needs. Buffalo Blower NYB air moving products are best know for "industrial quality" assuring reliable performance, relentless dependability and longevity. A staff of specially trained engineers from New York will design a dependable fan that exactly fits customers’ dimensional and performance requirements. NYB Buffalo fans and blowers are sold and serviced by air moving experts that can evaluate the custome needs and provide best recommendations for the most demanding air moving applications. Additional information can be found at the Ventilating Fan Company web site .ventilating.com/products/ventilators.html Oleg Tchetchel Industrial Air Systems Designer Ventilating Fan Co. [email protected] .ventilating.com ..ventilating../products/ilg.html About the Author: 相关的主题文章: