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Phoenix Properties Upgrade To Your Dream Home In Scottsdale At A Fraction Of The Price Posted By: Maureen Karpinski Second homes in Scottsdale Arizona are all the rage these days, and for a reason, too: Phoenix and Scottsdale properties are selling at rock-bottom prices. Why The Affordable Prices A common misconception about affordable goods and services is that they are of sub-standard quality or that they have become obsolete. In the real estate industry, though, prices can only get so low before they due to rise back up again, and Phoenix and Scottsdale properties are no different. Of all the U.S. states, Arizona is among the top 5 which was most affected by the housing crisis some years back. Furthermore, homes in Arizona aren’t as costly – due to tax and other fees – as those in other states like California and New York. All these factors add up to a lot of foreclosed home and properties sold at rock bottom prices. That’s not to say the future of the real estate and housing industry in Scottsdale can only be bleak. Individual investors, second home buyers, snowbirds, empty nesters and retirees, as well as young families are already smelling the good buys and are purchasing their dream homes at more than half the price.

Phoenix Properties Enjoy Affordable Pricing And A Great Lifestyle, Buy In Phoenix Posted By: Maureen Karpinski Enjoy Affordable Pricing and a Great Lifestyle, Buy in Phoenix Arizona is one of the top five of those badly hit by the housing crisis in the country. It is therefore not surprising at all to find homes and properties being offered at their historical low. If there is any best time to invest in real estate, it would be now. All Time Low But Slowly Rising From the housing crash, late last year to second quarter of this year have seen an increase in the sale of existing homes, and in the release of new housing permits along with the other key cities across United States. The 2003 level has still much to increase if it is to keep up with its 2006 peak level. The movements in the chart, however, are still tell-tales of how far up the prices can go. This means that now is the best time to invest in a Phoenix property when prices are still low and affordable enough, but where movements for growth are, at the same time, observable. Everything You Need Under The Sun There are several misconceptions about Phoenix. Some people think Phoenix is too hot and dry to live in.

Phoenix Properties Perfect Opportunity For First Time Home Phoenix Buyers Posted By: Maureen Karpinski

Phoenix Properties 2014 Real Estate Stats In Review For Phoenix And Surrounding Area Posted By: Maureen Karpinski

Phoenix Properties Tired Of Being An Absentee Landlord In Phoenix And Scottsdale Az Now Is The Time To Sell Posted By: Maureen Karpinski Scottsdale is a special city located in Phoenix right in the heart of the Sonoran Desert. It is the most sophisticated, charming and culturally rich city in the mid-west. When it comes to the kind of people who make Scottsdale their home, they range from ordinary Blue-collar workers who are employed in the area, the old set drawn to the private club type of living to the jet-setters who have made Scottsdale their second home. There are plenty of reasons why Scottsdale is always a good idea to get real estate. The prime residences and the desert backdrop, the Phoenix and Scottsdale golf communities and the upscale living make owning Scottsdale property a good idea. Since 2009, investors have been taking up houses in all-cash deals to staunch the real-estate market in Phoenix. This has driven the region’s home pricing up and reduced the supply of Phoenix homes for sale. 2012-2014 brought with a new set of investors, the kind that deal with million dollar listings. Investors come from near and far.

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Phoenix Properties Second Homes Are Still A Steal In Phoenix And Scottsdale Az Posted By: Maureen Karpinski

Phoenix Properties Prepare For Retirement With Low Priced Homes In Phoenix Posted By: Maureen Karpinski Preparing for retirement can never be too early. Ideally, preparing for retirement should start as soon as you earn your first paycheck. However, starting a family, sending the kids off to school and getting a home are necessary financial detours you need to take before setting on your path to preparing for retirement. Nevertheless, that does not mean you can’t consider a good opportunity for retirement investment when the conditions are favorable. Why Now is the Best Time To Buy Your Retirement Home in Phoenix Recent Phoenix real estate reports show that year-over-year normal re-sales of single family homes increased by 4% while single family home sales from investor flips dived 43%. This indicates that cash investors have been showing less activity in the market allowing buyers – families, snowbirds, and empty nesters – better chances of purchasing their Phoenix dream homes at lower prices. Aside from the all-time rock-bottom prices, the HAFA program has made short sales easier, smoother, and faster to close. That said, the timing and the conditions for investing in a retirement home in Phoenix could not be more perfect and favorable on your part.

Phoenix Properties Face Of The Investor Has Changed To Higher End Product Posted By: Maureen Karpinski More and more investors are looking into investing in higher end products like upscale properties in premier locations in Arizona. As a state that mostly run on real estate properties for retirees, empty nesters, and winter vacation homes for snowbirds, investors see a thriving and potential market for the affluent. Luxury Retirement Homes in Scottsdale In a recent poll, most empty nesters and retirees from up north Canada prefer to settle in Arizona for several reasons. One of the foremost reasons is that Arizona enjoys a warm, sunny weather for seven months of the year. The remaining five months of the year won’t exactly be as warm – but you won’t find any Arizona homeowner shoveling through knee-deep thick snow either. Rich and affluent retirees like former professional athletes and stars, and the elderly also love the fact that almost everything is just a few minutes away. Almost every neighborhood has with it a neighboring golf courses, shopping mall and grocery, posh recreational town centers, business offices, and schools. Complete in amenities, Arizona as an ideal home is not only exclusive to the elderly, but to young families with school-age kids, too.

Phoenix Properties Negotiate Your Scottsdale Second Home Now Posted By: Maureen Karpinski Negotiate Your Scottsdale Second Home NOW Planning to get a second home in Scottsdale Arizona? Now is the best time than any to start negotiating for your Scottsdale second home. If you’re considering a second home, then you have probably already explored the advantages and benefits of living under the Arizonian sun. Why Buy a Second Home in Scottsdale The pros of living in Scottsdale Arizona are as limitless as its desert skyline. Real estate tax in Arizona is among the lowest you can find in the country. The gun ban that favors homeowners and victims rather than the criminal offers residents a considerable amount of security. The number of schools, shopping malls and town centers are quite a lot that anywhere you want to go is just a few minutes from wherever you are from in Scottsdale. The city is never short of premier, luxury recreation centers, mountain resorts, ranches, health spas and, of course, golf courses. Weather in Arizona is perpetual sunshine where snowbirds love to migrate to during the cold winter months. And during hot Arizonian summers, homeowners can easily and conveniently drive up north where it is much cooler.

Phoenix Properties Phoenix Property – Great Pricing And Opportunity For Snowbirds And Investors Posted By: Maureen Karpinski Phoenix Property – Great Pricing and Opportunity For Snowbirds and Investors Now is the best time to buy and invest in a Phoenix Arizona property. Whether you plan to buy a residential home or a second home for the winter vacation, the latest figures on a Phoenix Property – great pricing and opportunity – indicate only the best deals and the most promising returns to investment. Phoenix Property – Great Pricing and Opportunity for the First Time Homeowner Relocating to Phoenix on a new home does have its advantages. For one, real estate property taxes in Arizona are relatively lower than from where you are probably from. Climate and weather, of course, is another come-on for first time Phoenix Arizona homeowners as they can simply head up north where its cooler during summer in Phoenix. Furthermore, unlike other states constantly hounded by hurricanes, floods, and typhoons, Arizona enjoys a relatively temperate weather. No unpleasant surprises there and no additional cost for home and property insurance. Phoenix Lifestyle Sending your kids to school won’t be a problem when relocating to Phoenix Arizona. In Maricopa County alone, there is close to 1,000 schools – public, district, charter, and alternative schools.

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Phoenix Properties No Better Time Than Right Now To Upgrade To Your Dream Home In Phoenix Az Posted By: Maureen Karpinski Nothing can be more daunting than the search for that house you have always visualized in your mind. Even with adequate financing there is a lot you have to do before you can actualize your dream. You have to reconcile your wish list with the reality check. You do not want to look back after you have acquired that home and regret the options that you took or did not take. A look at the Phoenix Properties listings will give you an idea of what is on offer but can you spot your dream home? Phoenix AZ Real Estate has been identified as one of the fastest growing in the region. A look at the existing trends indicates that this is just not another bubble rising but rather is driven by a pool of property buyers with sights settled on Phoenix AZ for long. The market is improving and the prices are quite competitive and will remain so in the near future. Many experts agree that this is the ideal time to acquire that dream home. Depending with your tastes, there are many neighborhoods to choose from.

Phoenix Properties Golf And Own Your Winter Home In Phoenix At A Fraction Of The Cost Of Other Locations Posted By: Maureen Karpinski Phoenix AZ Real Estate offers premium destinations for golf lovers in the United States. It has the highest number of rolling fairways designed in a variety of ways to fit the desert life that is associated with Arizona. The 200 golf courses have been appearing on lists of the best courses in America by notable publications like Travel and Leisure Golf Magazine and have contributed to cities like Scottsdale being regarded as great places to live for golf enthusiasts. This has spawned many golf estate based housing developments and have attracted many seasonal residents who have made Phoenix and Scottsdale their second homes. Out of 200 courses, there are more than a handful of notable courses, like the Fairmont Scottsdale Resort, that host PGA tournaments, which attract over half a million people to the city for four days of the year. Whisper Rock Golf Club is a 18 hole course with golf cottages and homes occupied all year round or being used as second homes especially by people looking at Phoenix and Scottsdale Golf Communities as winter get-aways. Silverleaf is a private custom-designed golf estate within the McDowell Mountains and bordering the Tom Weiskopf golf course in DC Ranch.

Phoenix Properties Enjoy Snow Free And Sunshine Filled Winters In Phoenix Az Posted By: Maureen Karpinski Looking for a home to settle in can be quite a daunting task especially when you want to relocate from your current neighborhood to a far away place. You have to think about proximity to the main road, schools, workplaces and also the kind of weather you will find there. For those wishing to relocate to Phoenix AZ, you should rest peacefully knowing this might end up being the best decision you have made this year. Buying Phoenix Properties gives you a chance to become a part of a community that enjoys more than 300 days of sunshine annually. The weather in Phoenix, AZ is just spectacular although newcomers often complain about the heat and cold extremes sometimes. Summer days may not be the most appropriate for visitors but winter days can clearly convert any skeptic. The sunny days with low, humidity indeed makes Phoenix an amazing winter destination. A look at the Phoenix AZ Real Estate listings can provide you with an idea of the where you can get affordable winter rentals. The desert botanical gardens in Phoenix do not only attract plant biologists but also nature lovers and those with a taste for desert life.

Phoenix Realtor Real Estate Stats For Phoenix And Scottsdale Arizona 2013: Year In Review Posted By: Maureen Karpinski Permission is granted to reprint with attribution to ARMLS® 2014. The end of the year only comes once. That’s why we can’t pass up the opportunity to focus on how the market fared in 2013. Below you will find a detailed account of 2013 in review instead of our normal month-over-month examination. Home Prices For the second year in a row sold data shows a strong recovery in sales prices with the average sales price up 16.9% year-over-year. The median sales price was up 20.9%, giving local homeowners restored value and increased equity. The median sales price ended 2013 70% above our May 2011 bottom of $108,300 and 30% below our June 2006 peak of $264,800. When we take a closer look at the median sales price appreciation, we see that all the gains took place in the first half of the year. The median sales price ended 2012 at $153,000 and then appreciated each month through July reaching $185,000, the exact same price we closed out this year. Sales Volume When reviewing the total number of homes sold in 2013, we see a familiar pattern, with July again be-coming the transitional month.

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