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Organizing I am not a person who likes to send negative energy and I do not enjoy being pessimistic, however, I must state the bluntly obvious fact. According to reports home burglary rate were actually dropping worldwide between 2005 and 2007, only to start rising once again. Right now we are faced with the fact that a home burglary in the USA takes every 18 seconds. An average burglar will try to get what he can and escape your home in no more than 60 seconds if possible, however this is rarely the truth. Based on statistics a burglar will actually spend between 8 to 16 minuets in your home which is quite a lot of time for them to find what they are looking for and take it. Burglars steal cash, electronics, jewelry and so on. Only 13% of burglars are brought to justice, but even then only some of the stolen valuables are not returned to their rightful owner since the burglars have probably already sold them and no trace of the transaction can be found. Another average estimates that during an average burglary the homeowner can lose up to $2,200 without the price of repairing broken windows or locks. Our homes aren’t as secure as we think A lot of people act as if though their home could never be burglarized. They are certain that they will never have problems during the evening and that they will no doubt be able to catch the burglar on the act if trouble should .e. However, the statistics show a very interesting thing that will change the way we think about burglaries. You see, our mindset and logic tells us as that a burglar will try to .mit his crime during nighttime when everybody is asleep. However, logic has failed us this time as 65% of burglaries happen during the daytime! Yes, while you are away from home/at work is the best time for them to burglarize your home. The truth is that most neighborhoods do not have very strong bonds among their members and that burglars aren’t exactly afraid that they will be spotted by someone who will care enough to try and stop them or call your and/or the police. It is a sad fact indeed, but a fact non the less and we should do our best in order to adapt to this scenario. Invest into Home Security Home security is obviously a must in order to protect your valuables, your loved ones and your home. Any form of home security will increase you chances of stopping a burglary or at least lowering the damage that will be done to your home and budget. Professional alarm systems are a great way to ensure that if the burglars get in, the police will be on their tracks right away. But, another thing to consider is the outside defenses that will make the burglar too afraid to try and get into your home in the first place. A great way to improve your home’s defenses is to trim all the vegetation around the house, especially large bushes and tree branches. You should also make sure that you have some porch light and guard lamps so that the area is well-lit during the day. Getting a dog isn’t such a bad idea as well and you can feel free to include a "Beware of Dog" sticker as well. If all else fails, you should also consider finding a better hiding place for your valuables and cash. In fact, it might be best if you actually invested some money into buying a small, hidden safe. Even if the burglars find it, they will probably not know how to crack it. And if you get a bigger, heavier one, then they won’t be able to take it with them as well. Even so, you should not put all of your valuables in there. Leave some cash in a drawer or in the master bedroom to make them thing that they found everything that they could. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: