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Movies-TV Bored of watching the same old stuff on tv? Here’s a quick look at 6 of the most promising new tv shows premiering in 2014. Penny Dreadful Set in Victorian London, this Sky Atlantic stunner is an eerie Gothic thriller with a first class cast. Josh Hartnett, Eva Green, Timothy Dalton, Billie Piper and Simon Russell Beale bring life to some of literature’s best loved villains. Dracula, Dorian Grey, Frankenstein’s monster and more all get the Sam Mendes/John Logan treatment to bring havoc to a dramatically re-envisioned London. This one has a lot of hype around it, with a fantastic writing and directing team behind it and such a talented cast, this should be a great show to watch over the summer! 24:Live Another Day After a Jack Bauer-free four years, 24 is making a hotly-anticipated .eback. Set in London, expect plenty of big explosions and snappy dialogue. Tired of waiting for the big finale? Well, they’ve .pressed all that Bauer goodness into 12 episodes. Also, there’s plenty of new characters to get excited about including guest stars Stephen Fry, Benjamin Bratt, Michelle Fairley, Yvonne Strahovski and Judy Davis. What’s not to like? The Flash Riding on the back of Arrow’s success, Andrew Kreisberg and Greg Berlanti plan to launch more DC .ic goodness on the small screen. Exploring the more ‘fantasy’ aspect of the universe, expect more scope for characters that wouldn’t suit the reality-based Arrow. Grant Gustin plays The Flash and he looks to be a promising young lead for such a fan favourite. True Detective One of the most anticipated new releases for 2014 is the unsettling murder-solving police-procedural series True Detective. Starring Hollywood A-listers Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey, the series focuses on the 17-year hunt for a serial killer in Texas. Switching between 2012 and 1995, it focuses on the unraveling of each character’s intricaties while trying to solve the who-dun-it-in-the-woods. The series features plenty of shady characters, strange Blair-Witch style twig dolls and a fantastic portrayal by McConaughey – he’s finally forgiven for all those awful rom-.s. Salem A first for WGN America, this witch hunt series is set to be surprisingly graphic in its portayals of the infamous trials. WGN’s first original scripted series is shot .pletely on an amazingly accurate recreation of Salem, Louisiana from the seventeenth century. Ja. Montgomery and Shane West lead the cast of secretive villagers, oddballs and the rogue witch hunters that aim to unveil their secrets. Black Sails: Think Pirates of the Caribbean for adults. Black Sails is a drama that followers a band of pirates in search of an elusive treasure stash. American .work Starz has such a good feeling about it, they’ve already put their names down for season two. Those that have already seen season one in America are full of praise for its g.eous production and look forward to the second season. The Musketeers A BBC production, The Musketeers has taken the holy Saturday night spot on the tv scheduling. Anticipation must be high for good viewing figures for it to get such a prestigious spot. So what to expect of such hype? An action-packed updated version of Alexandre Dumas’ original. Plenty of double-crossing, double-entredre fun. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: