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A little health card to pay a fine of 10000 yuan food safety authorities smitten less because of a health certificate, have to pay a fine of 10000 yuan! These two days, Jiaxing Haining market regulatory authorities issued a penalty on the official WeChat has attracted many attention of the people of Tongxiang. Yesterday, the reporter learned from the Tongxiang municipal market authority, since the beginning of this year, the market regulatory authorities to act in strict accordance with the provisions of the food safety law to further regulate the city’s food and beverage industry operating order. Under the scorching sun, a guard on the table for the "safe" campaign "started in the land of Tongcheng. "The two health certificate has expired, must immediately re." On the morning of August 15th, the city market authority law enforcement officers to the town of Wuzhen, the town of a restaurant on the road, the person in charge of the rectification. Recently, the store business is busy, do it in the afternoon." The catering unit responsible person immediately responded. "The food production and operation personnel engaged in the work of engaging in direct import of food shall carry out health examination every year, and obtain health certificates before they can be employed." In the inspection, the city market authority law enforcement officers also patiently explained to the food and beverage units of the relevant provisions of the food safety law to further enhance the legal awareness of practitioners. Reporters learned that in August this year in the interview, the municipal market supervision bureau against pyramid schemes, small restaurants, food production enterprises standardized norms remediation, remediation, remediation undocumented advertising regulatory focus on the five special action started. In a small restaurant specification campaigns, market authority in small restaurants, small restaurants, breakfast shop, snack shops, small drink shops for the renovation of objects, to inspect the unit certification publicity, tableware disinfection and indoor environmental health etc.. For practitioners do not comply with the provisions of the act, the law enforcement officers put forward criticism and education, and issued a notice on the spot ordered to correct the notice and the administrative penalty decision on the spot. Strike out, an iron fist remediation. From the results of the inspection, the majority of food and beverage units in the city’s food safety work is more standardized." City Market Supervision Bureau of food service supervision and management department director Yan Lifen said, in the campaign, the municipal market supervision bureau of inspection of the city’s small catering organization 2401, ordered rectification 301, shutting down undocumented catering units 25, 2 investigation, summary punishment 17. Punishment is not our purpose, but hope that through the inspection so that more food and beverage industry practitioners in Tongxiang to enhance the importance of food safety, in accordance with the provisions of the food safety act to regulate the conduct of business." City Market Supervision Bureau relevant responsible person said, at present, the city has to implement the normalization of supervision of small food safety, will solve the food safety problems of small regional and trade, improve the small catering service inside and outside environment, to ensure the safety of the public dining.相关的主题文章: