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A map of the network annual loss of approximately 6 million 400 thousand telecommunications fraud falsely go half after each intern reporter Duan Qianqian who not only telecommunications fraud freshmen entering into the Tsinghua professor or even billions of dollars in revenue, the company can not escape. September 30th, the stock transfer system on the Shanghai map network Polytron Technologies Inc (hereinafter referred to as the map network) public transfer instructions were pre disclosure. Daily economic news reporter combing found that the Internet business in the company, but in 2015, not only a loss of 6 million 398 thousand and 700 yuan, but also suffered telecommunications fraud loss of $2 million 800 thousand! Coincidentally, another proposed landing three new board company — Shanghai puyingte highrising building equipment Limited by Share Ltd (hereinafter referred to as puyingte), 2015 revenue of nearly 200 million yuan, 907 thousand and 700 yuan is also a network of fraud. In October 8th 9, two days, the "daily economic news" reporter repeatedly call a public telephone network map, and to the securities business staff designated mail sent to interview letter, to a map of the network to understand the details of telecommunications fraud. 9 afternoon, a figure network securities business staff contact reporters, said the main person in charge of these two days is not, can not contact (reply) reporter. So as of press time, the reporter failed to get a reply from the company. Cheated amount of about 5% of revenue last year, the main business of the graph network for Internet software platform development and sales, information systems integration business. In the public transfer instructions, the graph network so introduce the details of the fraud, the company suffered financial fraud telecommunications, 2 million 800 thousand dozen to the bank account named Zhang Tengtao." Graph network also said that the company has reported to the Shanghai public security department, the case is currently under investigation. At the same time, this is a map of network payment fraud as payments receivable significant single amount to May 31, 2016, the money for "other receivables" ratio of 27.65%, chuangtu network has full provision of the bad debts. The impact of the bad debt on the financial statements of the graph network is very obvious. Graph network 2015 operating income statement in the financial data show that the impairment loss of assets is the most dramatic changes. 2014, this data was 1 million 557 thousand and 700 yuan in 2015 soared to $4 million 553 thousand and 800, nearly 3 times the same period last year. Graph network also said that in 2015 the company suffered telecommunications fraud as well as the end of the large sum of money in the provision of bad debt losses, making the company in 2015 there is a large asset impairment losses. In addition, the graph network 2015 revenues of 57 million 312 thousand and 400 yuan, a loss of $6 million 398 thousand and 700. In other words, the figure of the network was 5% of the amount of revenue was cheated, accounting for nearly half of the year’s loss. According to the company’s description, it seems to be able to guess a bit of deception. A map of the network said, during the reporting period, to accelerate the progress of the project, there are some employees to the company paid large reserve, and then by the staff related payments to suppliers for purchases, the company has a certain internal risk control. Senior certified public accountant.相关的主题文章: