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UnCategorized Bridges, ships and industrial structures all have something in .mon: they all eventually require surface finish restoration. While it might be possible to hire crews to scrape and sand the areas to be re-coated, it is generally not practical. For most applications, abrasive blasting is the preferred method for preparing a surface for painting maintenance. For the best results, it is imperative that research be conducted to determine which of the blasting methods is best suited to the particular need. By selecting the best abrasive blasting media and the most effective delivery method, the best results can be guaranteed. Abrasive blasting media is available in a variety of forms. Media is available in a wide variety of grits and densities to meet most any needs. Softer and finer materials are utilized to clean surfaces that are subject to distortion or marring. On the other end of the spectrum metal blasting media is available for heavy duty applications. Media is also delivered in a variety of ways. The use of .pressed air to propel the media is perhaps the best known method, but it is certainly not the only one. Delivery of the media utilizing liquid is also .mon. In fact, for many applications it is more practical, as liquid delivery can work to make the collection of the waste that results from abrasive blasting more efficient. One of the recent uses for abrasive blasting is in the cleaning of graffiti. Blasting media is available to remove newly applied paints while leaving the older coatings undamaged. Of course the effectiveness of the process is dependent on the underlying material itself as well as how quickly the cleaning process is initiated after the graffiti is applied. In many areas, the effort to keep up with the graffiti epidemic has be.e an expensive and time consuming project. If abrasive blasting can resolve even part of the effort to reduce the over-all quantity of graffiti present, its use can easily be justified. Whenever any preparation process is analyzed, all factors must be considered. While, in many cases, financial cost is the primary factor considered, that measure alone is not always the best indicator of over-all value. Time, effectiveness, environmental concerns and aesthetic factors should also be considered. It is never advisable to make quick decisions without closely considering all factors. In addition, the safety of everyone involved must also be considered. Once all factors are considered, abrasive blasting will almost certainly be one of the best options. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: