Analysis on anti overheating British cup Blues – Sohu cut

Analysis on anti overheating: British cup Blues – Sohu: overtime promotion AB cup West Ham VS Chelsea game time: 2016. 22:45 10.27 Thursday asian handicap: 1.04 West Ham -0.5 Chelsea 0.78 index: 3.70 3.62 1.75 European Prospective events: Thursday morning British Cup tournament fourth lap play West Ham last season or the Premier League Citylink, dark horse, but only for a season after that, they went from heaven into hell. Since moving into the London bowl, the results have been unsatisfactory, UEFA Cup out early, the League did not know what to do, only in the near future, the team beat Crystal Palace and Sang Delan, ranking gradually away from the relegation zone. This war faces three winning streak Chelsea, the ax side ground pressure is quite many. Last week the League played a recent representative of the war, they in the Standford bridge at the 4 to 0 bloodbath Manchester United, the impact of the opponent defense team after 1 minutes all a hideous mess, to score, then the team on offense, the team recently won the three league wins, seems to be out of the Conti class hearsay puzzle, fought in the British tonight the cup, the team expects to have a good play. For analysis of the ball handicap: Asian index to the blues line, away let wheel 0.5, low water position may not stand, with the League victory over Manchester United last week, the market is highly touted by the spot, perhaps pulled up to 0.75 handicap, British cup are overtime, beware of blue JunTi can appear problem, this game a pay attention to the eye, the axe gang legal time unbeaten. SMG recommended: 1 disc recommended: West Ham (+0.5)

英联杯分析:上盘过热 防蓝军加时晋级-搜狐  英联杯:西汉姆联 VS 切尔西   比赛时间:2016. 10.27 星期四 22:45   亚洲盘口:1.04 西汉姆联 -0.5 切尔西 0.78   欧洲指数:3.70 3.62 1.75   赛事前瞻:   周四凌晨英联杯第四圈赛事好戏连城,西汉姆联上赛季还是英超黑马,但仅仅一个赛季之后,他们就从天堂掉进地狱。自从搬进了伦敦碗球场后,球队成绩一直不理想,欧联杯赛事早早出局,联赛又踢得不知所谓,仅在近期比赛球队才击败水晶宫和桑德兰,排名逐渐远离了降级区。本战面对三连胜的切尔西,斧头帮主场压力不少。蓝军上周联赛打了一场近期的代表作之战,他们在斯坦福桥球场4比0血洗曼联,把对手防线冲击得七零八落,球队开场1分钟就破门得分,其后球队上演进攻狂潮,球队近期喜获联赛三连胜,似乎走出了孔蒂下课传闻困扰,今晚转战英联杯,球队期望继续有好的发挥。   球智库盘口分析:   亚洲指数向蓝军看齐,客场让盘0.5,低水位置后或许站不住了,随着上周联赛大胜曼联,蓝军受到市场高度热捧,或许临场拉升到0.75盘口,英联杯存在加时赛,慎防蓝军体能出现问题,这场比赛留个心眼,关注主队斧头帮法定时间不败。   竞彩推荐:1   亚盘推荐:西汉姆联(+0.5)相关的主题文章: