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Mobil-Computing Android operating system is the latest trend in mobile operating systems market. Google purchased Android from its original developer Android Inc. In the middle of year 2010, Google astonished every one by getting highest sales in the market of mobile operating system. Market share for Android by April 2011 was nearly around 37%. Today, Android is emerging as the most powerful custom-make mobile operating system. It is one of the best mobile operating system that allows used to customize their device. All Android devices are touch screen devices and have multiple screens that allows user to personalize their cell phone according their needs. Without a doubt, Android is a powerful mobile operating system with very high capabilities but still Google believed in keeping the Android easy and simple. Google made access to file menus as easy as one two three. The Android operating system is made up of several programming languages. Since it is an open source program, one can develop applications using Java language and get them executed on Android operating system. Multitasking in Android lets the user to run multiple applications at the same time to make best use of Android cell phone. One thing on which Android loses points is that the Android operating system does not have that much elegance and system integration as compared to the Apples iPhone operating system. But one thing that is sure is that it is a really powerful mobile operating system coupled with the huge number of applications and features which meets the needs of all users. All smart phones are just high tech cell phones. What makes these phones smart is that they are able to use various applications called apps in smart phone parlance. At this moment Androids Market has more than 300,000 applications of both free as well as paid kind. It is projected that by year-end of 2011 the Market will have more than 400,000 such applications. This number is set to overtake Apples Appstore in terms of numbers. The growth of Android apps is by leaps and bounds. In the earlier days of Androids Market, the apps available were often simple as well as unremarkable. But as more users buy and use the Android mobile OS platform, Apple app makers took noticed and begun to develop high quality apps for Android, or else port over their original IOS apps. Thus, quality and usability of Android apps have improved. The Android mobile operating system is so powerful and this fact makes Android operating system best for those who need a powerful, fast and highly feature cell phone that can be customized as per their liking. The fact that it is powerful with many great and unique features adds to its versatility as a smart phone. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: