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Food-and-Drink In Australia, different wine varieties are produced in different regions. Most of the vineyards are located in Southern Australia, New South Wales, Victoria and Western Australian regions. Many different types of wines are produced in these regions because of the climate, topography and soil types. Australia wine industry is one of the largest exporters of wine around the world and contributes billions of dollars to the economy of the nation. Apart from export, the wine consumption in the domestic market of Australia is also high. The major wine varieties in Australia are Merlot, Riesling, Shiraz, Semillon, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Sauvignon Blanc. These are not the native grape varieties of Australia and were introduced in Europe and South Africa. But, some varieties of wine like Cienna and Tarrango have been bred by the Australian viticulturalists. A total of about 130 different grape varieties are used by the .mercial winemakers in Australia. The labels on the wines bear the name of the grape variety to be used for making the wine. Through production, employment and export, the wine industry is a significant contributor to the Australian economy. Australian fine wine varieties like Chardonnay and Shiraz have be.e very famous and set the benchmark standards of these wines qualities in other countries as well. Australians have developed many wine-making techniques in viticulture and invented canopy management methods used in the production of wines. For making flavored wines, different types of fruits and flowers are used. Wines are normally named after the names of the fruits from which they are made. Wine varieties like barley wine, ginger wine, honey wine and rice wine are also preferred by many people. The process of fermentation involves anaerobic conversion of sugars from the fruits like grapes into carbon dioxide and alcohol by yeast. Without any addition of sugars, enzymes, acids and other nutrients, the natural chemical balance of fruits like grapes lets them ferment and sugars of the fruits are consumed by yeasts and they convert them into alcohol. Drinking of wine in holy ceremonies like chrstian eucharist and jewish kiddush is considered to be a part of the ritual, and so wine has major significance in the religious ceremonies as well. For wine collectors and wine enthusiasts, there are a number of advantages in buying online wines. It usually saves time and effort of the people when buying online. More varieties of wines can be found on the websites dealing in wine business. Online wine purchasing is very convenient and helps the customers in .paring the prices of different wines, as the prices vary from place to place and store to store. The customer can even get good discounts on the bulk buying of wines from these websites. One can find a good number of famous red and white Australian wine varieties on these websites. All the websites doing wine or liquor business have to acquire government approved legal license for selling or auctioning wine and liquor online. Wine auction is one of the most effective medium of selling different types of wines, whether online or offline. The wine auction takes place at different stages of production and distribution. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: