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Behind the murderers who finally appeared in the skyrocketing housing prices in the money – crazy without warning the Sohu financial market quietly, the most expensive land, frequent rumors swirling, experts bearish prices once again become a time of 2016 key words have to say. The real estate market has been the golden nine silver ten argument, however, in the past August, the property market has been crazy to the brink of collapse. According to consulting with the policy research department data show that in August 2016 the national land market transaction price rose 46% yuan, soared to 1591 square meters. First tier cities in the king after the frequency of the boom, land prices have nearly doubled. Due to the pull of the king of Shanghai, the overall price of the first tier cities in China has risen to 34 thousand and 600 yuan square meters. The data read financial comparison over the years, the year 2014 first-tier cities land transaction price is 7429 yuan per square meter, in December 2015, it rose to 10436 yuan per square meter. Just three years, the average price of land transactions in the first tier cities rose from $34600 to $7429, a full turn over more than four times. Although the first tier cities in 2016 the annual land price data has not been released, but behind the fiery property market, what is the significance of this figure? Crazy Guangzhou property market outbreak field force first-tier cities land price is not unexpected. Taking Guangzhou as an example, after the emergence of two Xindi Wang, Guangzhou property prices rose 10% from the beginning of the expected to increase to 15%. Guangzhou, a number of real estate prices have sealed the phenomenon, the entire property market into a crazy game. With the emergence of the king of Guangzhou, developers immediately made a response to the closure of the price. According to statistics, Guangzhou has more than 30 large housing prices have closed the project. Facing the upcoming golden nine silver ten, Guangzhou will be the second annual turnover of the peak, in the soaring property prices in the environment, and a leap in prices in Guangzhou can already foresee. Guangzhou is still more difficult than the true birthplace of the king of Shanghai, the Shanghai property market has become some crazy ridiculous, and even can be said to be absurd…… In August 29, 2016, the divorce registration office network transmission Shanghai Xuhui District Civil Affairs Bureau is tumbled, so many people divorce registration had to be closed early channel. The source of this farce from a rumor _ — the upcoming new policy regulation. Including the new deal, no room under the name of non loan buyers, the minimum down payment of 30%; the name of a set of real estate, property buyers Shoufu to 70% again; divorce less than one year of purchase, the purchase and loan policy in accordance with the family treatment before the divorce. The so-called new property market spread, immediately appeared Jibao divorce registration office scene. On the evening of 29, Shanghai Construction Committee emergency rumor deal, but everything is out of control. Read financial access to Shanghai new home transaction data, 28 volume of 1267 units, 29 at 15:50 were 1066 sets of new homes in Shanghai for three consecutive days, more than 1000 sets of transactions, volume of more than 5000 sets of five days. The property market is like a heap of dry grass, a spark can ignite a prairie fire. According to reports, the Shanghai police have been involved in the investigation spread rumors. The hot property market is not due to a rumor)相关的主题文章: