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Buy a car ten mistakes you into a few? A lot of people are not familiar with the car, the car will not only know the car when the car will look at the appearance, or in the past to take it for granted that the quality of a car. In fact, the structure of the car is very complex, which led to a lot of owners in the purchase of a lot of errors, today we look at these mistakes. 1, the wagon thickness will be more security will affect the small thickness of wagon collision damage, thereby affecting the cost of maintenance, but to protect the safety of passengers, the most important is the steel strength, can keep the body intact after the collision. 2, the more the car safety level with two cars of a light, a heavy, possibly because the latter lightweight design level is not enough, or the strength of steel is not good enough to do a more robust, often can not explain the latter best security. 3, car is more expensive to open up more easily, more safety and this fact we ordinary people not much, are Hao level concept, the car felt more expensive and easy to drive, the more expensive the car is safe, so many high speed could be seen on the car’s speed show, and is often. The car and the two generation of XX were killed under the wheels. In fact, large horsepower sports car, it is necessary to go through some driving training and then on the road. 4, a large space is good in this space, many enterprises also to Chinese brains, many companies simply give a car chassis buckle on a large body, the deformity of the car in less China can still sell very popular, because it looks big, fat is not fat. 5, the more the better configuration such as cleaning, luggage rack and other chicken ribs function, three years are estimated by less than one, it will have what use? 6, SUV SUV if it is safer than cars with the car rear end, SUV major, high position will indeed take advantage, but SUV in high speed has a big disadvantage because of the high center of gravity control, car cornering response is not flexible, easier to rollover. 7, a non independent suspension independent suspension control is good sense, indeed, but now many non independent rear suspension models in the above adjustment has not lost all independent suspension models, and there is a more spacious rear space. 8, the chassis is good if is purely urban driving, so high chassis? The center of gravity of the vehicle is improved, and the safety of the vehicle is greatly reduced. 9, than the previous manual automatic fuel-efficient automatic gear less, the passable, automatic models increase gear shift now, improvement program, fuel efficiency than manual differential. 10, a luxury car is good quality in another Car Buying view, buy a luxury car should have good quality, as the saying goes, a penny goods, luxury car quality is not good, there is a high quality car? But in the Chinese is built into many models of the car have a nouveau riche, was notorious in the past, know why at home and abroad are very difficult to see what the old models of the car? The quality is really sucks stay ah, many problems that Land Rover is a world famous, luxury cars are not in collision test in the world, small batch!相关的主题文章: