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Car accounted for three parking spaces were poured corrosive liquid car owners said to be retaliation, I think you guess very much on the first day after the National Day holiday, you are not like this? If you nod, Hin good, then please continue to bear the blow down this year’s holidays have been finished, in order to let you have a little hope, only brother to give everyone a happy group of the…… Anyway, now sit in the Columbia station, with the Japanese "don’t want to look like the 10 Fen mascot" down to the motherland mother’s birthday seven days off enough! Not a bit of a grand! But want to vacation, brother also dare not to threat from the leadership. 29, Sichuan business school students want to leave school early Zhang national day, were refused by the teacher. Zhang immediately looking for 6 other students to the teacher’s office, "get it", and constantly questioning and pushing the teacher. At present, the school said it would discouraging the students. Brother said to quickly got fired, even the teachers dare hate, is certainly usually around bullying bully, leave early morning heart. Only know that the use of force to solve the problem, out of the social minutes to teach them to behave. I don’t know if I have the wrong also righteous person is how to think. October 1st, Chongqing, a female driver was in front of traffic jams, crossed the double yellow line after being retrograde overtaking driving car to "warn" quarrel with others. And she got off to fight for not pull the handbrake vehicle slip, the door was knocked down, almost crushed his car. Now the woman was sentenced to 3 points, a fine of $200 penalty. Forgive brother is not honest smile. Even the basic driving skills are no master, to act as Trooper? The Tucson broken! This Law applies to all people who don’t behave properly. Recently, a black car in Changchun was poured into a large number of corrosive liquids, car paint damage. When the car was splashed almost parked sideways in the parking spaces, parking spaces accounted for three. Owners said surveillance video shows a total of three people committing the crime, it must be in retaliation. Well, I think the owner conclusion is accurate, you account for three of parking spaces, who are you angry! There is no sense of morality, this disease is not cured…… But that means radical is not good, there are problems to find the owner of the car to open, do not leak. Now everyone is driving out, go to a supermarket to go around the field for three weeks to find a parking space, I really hope that we can stop the car, do not force me to do the old driver of the line in thirty thousand miles. Stop parking so chaos, the elder brother can only take the supermarket to buy a self built parking spaces. Recently, a Changchun Nong’an County District parking tensions with owners of Chinese cabbage put out a "green parking": the owner of the brain and heart of Rio hole, do not worry about waking up to second days, Chinese cabbage and the car is lost? The suspect, I suspect he has no heart. In August 29th, 15 year old Xiao Li in the family who came to the police station and said: in mid July she Jilin province Yitong town a karaoke staff dormitory is 27 year old Sohn rape, August 8th sun to go out to earn money in the name of Xiao Li will be taken to Shanghai for prostitution for 20 days, 60 over time, the illegal income of more than 6000 yuan of prostitution. At present, the task force police have arrested sohn. Rape of young girls even when she shook Qian Shu’s flesh, devoid of humanity! I sincerely hope that I would like to go to jail?相关的主题文章: