Car city overall growth rate of nearly three years, the highest new energy sales cheated fill webquest

The overall automobile market growth rate in nearly three years the highest   new energy sales compensation — effect of deceived car — original title: car market overall growth rate in nearly three years the most high energy sales growth rate since August this year was filling up our car sales year-on-year in January 2013 hit the highest value, compensation and subsidy policy deceived the storm effect of new energy vehicles annual sales target down car sales in August two worthy of attention. First, sales growth rate hit the highest since January 2013. In September 7th the Automobile Association released data show that in August this year, China’s car sales 2 million 71 thousand, an increase of 11.83%, an increase of 24.22%. In addition to the same period last year, the base of the reasons for the low, many of the high cost of the new car market to promote the obvious role. Meanwhile, in August sales also exceeded the production (1 million 990 thousand and 500), making a significant reduction in corporate inventories, data show that in August the stock growth rate of -5.9%. According to the China Automobile Dealers Association recently released data, August 2016 inventory warning index was 49.1%, compared with a decrease of 0.4 percentage points in July 2016, followed by the following warning line again in July.     second highly regarded nature not open new energy vehicles. August new energy vehicle production 38 thousand, sales of 36 thousand, an increase of respectively, and 98.1%, respectively, an increase of 93.4%. Pure electric vehicle production and sales were 27 thousand and 26 thousand, respectively, an increase of 127% and 144.2%, plug-in hybrid vehicle production and sales were 11 thousand and 10 thousand, respectively, an increase of 41.4% and. The first 8 months, China’s new energy vehicle production of 258 thousand, sales of 245 thousand, an increase of more than the same period last year and 111% and 115.6%. Including pure electric car sales were completed 194 thousand and 181 thousand, respectively over the previous year growth of 145.5% and 147.4%; plug-in hybrid car sales were completed in 64 thousand, over the same period last year growth of 48.2% and 58.1% respectively. Although still maintained a rapid growth trend, but only a quarter of this year, the new energy vehicles to complete the 700 thousand annual target has been an impossible task. In particular, by the cheat fill storm, new energy vehicle sales in the next will be greatly affected. The Ministry of Finance in September 8th exposed the Suzhou dragon 5 new energy automobile production enterprises typical cheat fill list were made to cancel the business qualification or the central government subsidies, to recover the central financial subsidy funds, according to the amount of pre issue 50% decided to impose fines and other penalties. Then within the industry began to spread a wider list of enterprises, problems involving the car without a license, a car power shortage, the subject does not match the real, related parties and distributors and end users idle idle, accumulated to 763 million 740 thousand vehicles, the amount of over 9 billion 270 million yuan. Automobile Association Deputy Secretary General Xu Yanhua said, "if you can cheat up problem as soon as possible)相关的主题文章: