China’s commercial space era is coming from mide-031

Chinese commercial space times are rushing to Beijing – if not in a "business space" as the theme of the forum, people talk about space, is likely to be when it comes to the national responsibility, national responsibility, but in September 12th at the second session of the Chinese Commercial Aerospace Forum site, frequently referred to "profit" "low" price "and other words. This is a kind of progress. Space, from the sky to the world. In the opinion of Zhang Di, vice president Chinese CASIC four, the so-called commercial space, is market-oriented, profit model with commercial space activities. "If the price of others, I may also be price, this is not vicious competition, and it is the power of the market, can make a number of private enterprises and the whole society to enjoy more affordable aerospace products. In some developed countries, especially in the United States, the development of commercial space to greatly reduce the cost of space, cost-effective to be improved. Liu Shiquan, deputy general manager of China Aerospace Science and industry group gives a set of data in the forum. He said, in the commercial launch market, "the Falcon 9 rocket has the commercial launch of the price down by an order of magnitude. According to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) released the report, as a "Falcon 9 rocket", developed by NASA at least $1 billion 300 million, and the company only spent less than $400 million. This business company with low cost products to win the favor of the market space, the "Falcon 9 rocket" has won the next 5 years the global launch of the 38 Contract, in addition to 14 government contracts, 24 are from the international commercial launch market. In May 2015, the company also received the qualification to carry out the U.S. military space mission. While the cost is reduced, the efficiency is obviously improved. Liu Shiquan said, the first is the development period is shortened, the "Falcon 9" from the design to the first flight, with only 4 and a half years; followed by technological innovation, "Falcon 9" reusable rocket test series, onshore and offshore platform recovery tests were successful. He said that the establishment of commercial space management organizations to flatten the organization, to a large extent, shorten the management chain. In addition, pulling the commercial space on the economy should not be overlooked. According to the space foundation in June 2015 released the space report, from 2008 to 2014, the global aerospace economy grew by $33% to $330 billion, most of which grew from commercial space. Liu Shiquan said that the commercial aerospace industry directly led to the satellite, rocket launch and manufacturing, communications, navigation equipment and other related industries, the future will be with the mobile Internet, networking, smart city construction and other fields of deep integration, the formation of new economic growth point. This is why the day of the participants, have mentioned such a sentence – commercial space is becoming a new impetus for the development of the aerospace industry. Zhang Di said, if Chinese vigorously develop commercial space, perhaps one day Chinese made rocket, the cost will be greatly reduced, or even to a certain stage, Chinese can also enjoy a relatively cheap space travel. These, but also he is pleased to see the field of Aerospace Power相关的主题文章: