Chinese why on the territorial issue to make people suffer Putin exposed the truth of silence mmhouse

Chinese why on the territorial issue to make people suffer Putin exposed the truth silent core tip: Russian and Chinese thinking is not the same concept, China often said that "since ancient times is Chinese territory", while Russia believes that as long as it is by the strength of the occupation or treaty or are its territory, which shows a thinking of the Russian empire. Phoenix Phoenix November 23rd "focus", the following is the text: Li Kefu: Russia’s military aircraft in the Diaoyu Islands, I believe many people are guessing his real purpose, not just japan. Lv Ningsi (editor on duty): according to the truth that he is not Russia near the Diaoyu Islands in the East China Sea region countries, he is outside the country, why did he have naval aircraft often and often appear in this area, if we just put him out of military aircraft or missiles in the four northern Islands as to Japan, I’m afraid this on some narrow. I remember 120 years ago, the Russian Empire at the time of his foreign policy has three aspects, the first important thing is to Europe, the Middle East and the Balkans, second important, third is important to the Far East, now actually see Putin this empire in fact his foreign policy is the three important aspects, the first is Europe, second is the third in the Middle East is the Far East, especially when shaken in the Pacific place, such as a country and the world’s largest land area of Russia, he is now in the national economy, the first do not say, should say to someone that he the second state, but in his homeland, he the military is unparalleled, especially in the land which is fixed, he is one of the largest countries, militarily he also not let people down. At this time, he must continue to serve for his more than and 100 years of imperial policy strategy. It is said that he has always wanted to think in the Far East, in the Pacific region to show his position, so he said whether to increase his military in the four northern islands or, or into a completely unrelated to the East China Sea with him or not, actually he is showing him as such a big country, he have their own input and output a need, he is his strategy to increase investment in the Far East is obviously. To say why he put a missile in the four islands in the north, I think he might be talking about the territorial issue with Japan, to raise his threshold. We also note that many Russians and Chinese concept we are not the same, the territorial issue we Chinese say is that there is a very important discourse, it is said that this is since ancient times is Chinese territory, Putin he does not speak, he said that the four northern islands since World War II is our territory, World War II we used regardless, he means what, this is the strength of the policy, as long as I, I just use my strength to take down the treaty territory, I no matter what time it is, even yesterday, signed the treaty today is my territory, on this issue, he showed his a Russian Imperial thinking. "Phoenix" focus of Phoenix TV broadcast program [area] Chinese Moderator: Li Kefu [host] area first time: 20:35-20:55 playback time: 04:05 – 04:25;相关的主题文章: