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Quotes Support for Green Energy Grants We live in a world of depleting fossil fuel resources and the intelligent among us are eagerly joining the transition to alternate energy power supplies ‘ Solar electric panels, wind turbines etc. Currently, household consumers of solar energy or wind energy are either living in remote areas where grid power is not available or they are environment enthusiasts who are changing over to alternate power supplies because of their concerns for environment. The household electricity supply systems based on solar energy and wind energy have the following configurations: But some years back the depletion of the earth’s protective ozone layer and the increase in the global temperatures worldwide made many scientists to look into the causes for such occurrences. It was finally found that as the use of the fossil fuels like the coal and the crude oil increased due to the increasing population on the earth, these fuels were considered as the main culprits behind the global warming scenario. The waves that .e and crash to the coast or breakwater have a large amount of energy. SDE technology uses this wave power to generate electricity. There are very few technologies in the world that use wave power to produce electricity (not to be confused with the tidal energy which is energy from the deep sea water, whereas wave power is the energy on the surface of the ocean) and the SDE technology is one of those unique ones. SDE technology generated electrical energy by using wave energy and converting it into hydraulic energy. The McMurdo Station, the logistics hub for the United States’ activities in Antarctica, has used wind turbines and solar panels for several years to power its .munications center on Black Island. Brian Stone, of the National Science Foundation’s Office of Polar Programs, is quoted by Matthew Wald as indicating that winds at the McMurdo Station can reach speeds of over 100 miles per hour, which could damage wind turbines that could work well at lower wind speeds. So the wind turbines in Antarctica are designed so the blades rotate in a position where they don’t catch the full force of the wind’s energy during storms. When researchers work in the field during the summer, they use tiny wind turbines and small solar panels they can set up by hand to power their equipment, which are often easier to haul than a generator and fuel. Take advantage of the sun by installing solar panels on your roof. These panels will harvest the energy from the sun and convert it into usable power for your home. Most energy .panies will purchase any excess power that is created. You will discover at the least, a reduction in your power bill each month. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: