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News-and-Society Choosing the Claddagh ring may just be the way you will decide to go when it comes to your Celtic jewelry selections. Signifying friendship, fidelity and love, this ring is the traditional Irish wedding band. Dating back to the 17th Century, people now wear the Claddagh ring all around the world, far away from where it all started in a small Irish fishing village. This romantic history began back in the village of Claddagh, on the west coast of Ireland, when the crew of a fishing boat was captured by Algerian pirates. One of the captured crew members was Richard Joyce. Joyce was sold to a rich Moorish goldsmith even though he was supposed to have been married that very week back home. The goldsmith taught him the trade and Joyce eventually designed and made what we now know of as the Claddagh ring. He created the heart for love, the crown for loyalty and the hands for friendship. All the years he was away, he never forgot about his fiance and even said no when the goldsmith offered him wealth and his daughter in marriage. Instead, Joyce returned to his homeland to find that his fiance had never married anyone else and they were married. The Claddagh ring was, of course, given to her by Joyce. The interesting thing about this entire Claddagh situation is that a separate story has been revealed about its origin. This one says that Margaret Joyce, who married a wealthy merchant named Domingo de Rona, received a large sum of money after her husband’s death. Later, she used this wealth to build bridges in Connacht after she had married the mayor of Galway. The Claddagh ring was said to have been her first providential reward and was dropped into her lap by an eagle. Today, this ring design is given for much more than marriage since the concepts of loyalty, friendship and love work for many occasions. This is the perfect gift when it comes to Mother’s Day, engagements, wedding rings and even birth stone rings. These are also called faith rings because of the deep level of meaning that originally went into the design. There are different ways to wear this piece of designer jewelry to signify the situation of the person wearing it. Wearing it on the right hand with the heart facing out signifies that the wearer is not yet attached to anyone. When it’s worn on the right hand with the heart facing in, this is to signify that the wearer is now engaged to another. The entire world is put on notice that the person wearing it is married when this type of Celtic jewelry has the heart facing in upon the left hand. No matter its history, the Claddagh ring has always signified deep love, loyalty and friendship between people. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: