Counter attack Chinese high iron 10 years Multiple Anti European exports to the United States – Supe

Counter attack Chinese high iron 10 years: Multiple Anti European exports to the United States – Super textbook Beijing "was a student, and now our European counterparts parallel technology, many places and beyond, and realize to catch up and overtake, we only spent 10 years." In 2016 September 20th, entered the Chinese country artisans (Mianyang) city of science and technology activities, these words come from China Changchun rail passenger Limited by Share Ltd Luo Zhaoqiang said, causing the audience bursts of applause. Small invention EMU debugging benefits Luo Zhaoqiang responsible, mainly for troubleshooting, to ensure the safety of EMU, plays a key role, therefore, this kind of workers is also regarded as the high iron workers in the "Panda", the practitioner does not exceed 2000 people. The name of the name of the national skills Master Studio Luo Zhaoqiang, it is high-speed rail EMU debugging ace". But in 2006, they were all students. Luo Zhaoqiang still remember 10 years ago in the face of foreign high iron products embarrassing scene: we carefully debugging, but encountered new problems, but did not dare to disassemble the product inspection, in high-speed rail, we a big gap." Only foreign experts to solve the problem. However, because the other side is too expensive and other reasons, forcing Luo Zhaoqiang and other workers continue to practice learning, trying to solve new problems. In this process, Luo Zhaoqiang found that Chinese workers are more innovative than European teachers. He often tells a story: EMU debugging, the passenger seat socket wires sometimes wrong, the practice of the European counterparts are one of the inspection, particularly time-consuming. Luo Zhaoqiang colleagues invented a small device, as long as the plug into the socket, you can immediately confirm whether there is a problem, you can save a lot of time. "This is the work of the invention of the invention of innovation, smart but very practical." The workers China textbook "export" American high-speed rail EMU railway technology is the culmination, technological content of a lot of debugging equipment no less than the high iron itself. In 2012, in order to better Train EMU maintenance personnel, Changchun Zhongche railway vehicle Limited by Share Ltd intends to develop an EMU debugging training device, fault simulation and investigation. Previously, no one in the world has developed this product. No teacher to lead the way, Luo Zhaoqiang and colleagues can only be explored. They spent 10 months on the development, as scheduled to come up with qualified products. This product has 12 patented technology, is still the world’s only. Luo Zhaoqiang own experience and experience, into a textbook, not only for domestic counterparts, but also out of the country. In 2015, Changchun Zhongche railway vehicle Limited by Share Ltd beat European counterparts, the Boston subway project win, this is the first landing in North America Chinese rail transit project. We also specifically for the Boston subway staff training, the use of my textbook." Luo Zhaoqiang said. Reporter Zu Mingyuan.相关的主题文章: