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Professor Gu Jianwen – executive Sohu health system focuses on the management of critically ill patients, the PLA No.306 Hospital, unstable vital signs, the condition changes quickly, the function of organ systems of two or more instability, loss or failure of the progression of the disease may endanger the patient’s life. We call these patients critically ill. (a) the clinical departments should strengthen the management of critically ill patients to improve the sense of responsibility, initiative for the urgency and consciousness of the critically ill patient service, rescue of emergency patients, adhere to the principle of payment after the rescue. (two) the first diagnosis responsibility system, conscientiously implement the three level round system, serious case discussion system, the rescue of critically ill patients system, consultation system as the core system, improve the treatment plan of critically ill patients, treated in a timely manner, specification management, standardize the referral of critically ill patients, improve the treatment capacity. (three) in critically ill patients actively treated him at the same time, to explain the families of patients at any time according to the condition of illness, promptly issued a notice, fill in seriously ill notice, serious consequences to the families of patients at the same time focusing on account of the current condition, and may lead to the diagnosis, obtain patient understanding and sign. (four) physicians before work in addition to medical records, must observe the condition and treatment of critically ill patients, mainly recorded in the logbook, to the physician on duty in writing and two forms of bedside shift, not only do the oral report. (five) the physician in charge of critically ill patients must report to the higher authorities. The physician must review the patient and record them in the medical record by the physician in charge or on duty. For those who have difficulty in treatment, they should consult the director of the Department of general consultation to discuss the treatment and rescue plan. (six) in critically ill patients where the Department and clinical departments, medical departments must give full cooperation, not to shirk or refuse any excuse. (seven) major or involving multidisciplinary treatment, in addition to offer undergraduate director, also should be promptly reported to the medical department, after work or holidays daily on duty. (eight) the medical department periodically and in-depth inspection, inspection of hospital ward in high-risk patients, high-risk patient management guidance in clinical departments, found hidden dangers timely rectification, to ensure the full implementation of management system. Focus on the patient as the president of the hospital report.相关的主题文章: