Do you really know how to hide your rules (video) tsumori chisato

Do you really know how to hide your rules? Drivers should be according to the traffic rules and regulations to drive the car to go out, the result was open to find themselves blocked into a dog, not as fast walking. Hit the intersection or narrow lane, who drove first is indeed a problem. We all know that turning makes straight. Crossroads, green light go straight, not to the left turn lane, although the vehicle straight hit each other, or full responsibility for each other. Like this: although cross regulation is so specified, but each owner should decelerate intersection, intersection of many accidents, because the owners think they have a straight line priority, the other party will let me, so it was with vigorous strides. Can clearly tell you, "let the straight line" is not absolute, in some cases: straight side full responsibility, such as the following. A "let" sign in "let" sign of the intersection, even if you are a straight line into the intersection, also want to turn into the intersection or other vehicles, this is provided. Two, let the lamp lamp "tail lamp tail lamp that is very important in driving, not careful you will become rational from irrational. But there are many owners do not know "let the lamp lamp tail" is what meaning. Specific meaning: at the crossroads, happens to be red, you wait for the red light, then your direction is "cap", while the cross direction with you at a traffic light turned red car in the direction of "tail lamp". At this time, if the "tail" direction of the car in the green light and yellow light flash (at this time he did not run a red light), into the intersection, and your direction has turned green, you have to let the car ahead. If you hit the car, you have to take full responsibility. Even if you are a green light. Three, the auxiliary road to the main road in this case is still relatively common in life, when the main road traffic right into roads, road vehicles even straight, also must be given the vehicle on the main road. If there is a collision, then the road trip to seize the full responsibility of the vehicle. Four, let the trunk line now most of the city’s roads are equipped with the trunk line and contact line or line, then the line of contact line of vehicles to give way to the main line of vehicles. Even if the line vehicles seemingly straight through the intersection, also need to master the vehicle trunk. Otherwise, once the accident is the full responsibility of branch vehicles.相关的主题文章: