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"Eleven" Lhasa tourists 798 thousand and 700 passengers, people.com.cn Tibet channel — people.com.cn original title: "eleven" 798 thousand and 700 tourists Lhasa National Day holiday, the tourists everywhere in different ways gathered in Lhasa, the blue sky, enjoy bathing beauty and perception of Plateau Tibetan culture unique charm. The day before, the reporter from the Lhasa Municipal Tourism Bureau, the National Day period, the tourists reached 798 thousand and 700 passengers, an increase of 16.87% over last year; tourism revenue 341 million yuan, an increase of 20.49% over last year. "Eleven" during the golden week, the tourism market in Lhasa city has shown good momentum of safe and orderly. Adequate supply of tourism market, the scenic spots (spots) and hotel reception is good, scenic areas (spots) increase in the number of tourists. During this year’s "eleven" golden week, Lhasa city tourism market presents many highlights, ZiJiaYou unusually hot, from all over the world to come to Lhasa to play, driving leisure visiting friends and relatives of tourists in a continuous line; secondly, some scenic spots in Lhasa city and the city’s popular Gaestgiveriet Hotel (point) accommodation was rising, the Potala Palace, the Nam Co scenic area the tourists more than in previous years many. The "eleven" period, Lhasa Tourism Department increased the market law enforcement, public security, price, fire and health departments in accordance with the requirements of tourism services standardization construction, pay close attention to the tourism market order and safety management, tourism environment presents gratifying situation to improve the happy and peaceful, the market is hot, service quality continuously. During the golden week has received consulting, 23 complaints, down 10% compared with the same period last year. Lhasa City Tourism Bureau responsible person, accepts the Lhasa tourism sector complaints are mostly concentrated in the day, after the law enforcement personnel in time, tourists are satisfied. (commissioning editor Wu Yuren and Yu Haizhou)

“十一”拉萨接待游客79.87万人次–人民网西藏频道–人民网 原标题:“十一”拉萨接待游客79.87万人次   国庆长假以来,五湖四海的游客以不同的方式云集拉萨,沐浴蓝天白云、领略高原美景、感知藏文化独特的魅力。日前,记者从拉萨市旅游局获悉,国庆期间,全市接待游客达79.87万人次,比去年同期增长16.87%;实现旅游收入3.41亿元,比去年同期增长20.49%。   “十一”黄金周期间,拉萨市旅游市场呈现安全有序的良好态势。旅游市场供应充足,各大旅游景区(点)和宾馆、饭店接待情况良好,景区(点)接待游客数量增加。   今年的“十一”黄金周期间,拉萨市旅游市场呈现出不少亮点,其中自驾游异常火爆,从各地驾车前来拉萨休闲游玩、探亲访友的游客络绎不绝;其次,拉萨市各宾馆酒店和市内较热门的一些景区(点)接待量不断升温,布达拉宫、纳木错景区的游客也比往年多了许多。   “十一”期间,拉萨市旅游部门加大了市场执法力度,联合公安、物价、消防、卫生等部门按照旅游服务标准化建设的要求,狠抓旅游市场秩序和安全管理,旅游环境呈现出了欢乐祥和、市场火爆、服务质量持续提高的可喜局面。在黄金周期间共接到咨询、投诉23起,与去年同期相比下降10%。拉萨市旅游局相关负责人介绍,拉萨市旅游部门受理的投诉大多集中在一日游方面,经过该局执法人员及时处理,游客均表示满意。 (责编:吴雨仁、余海洲)相关的主题文章: