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Automobiles For those of us fortunate enough to own a car, we spend a lot of time in there -.muting to and from work or school, picking up the kids and toting them around town, and perhaps driving across the country on vacations or in search of the best diners and drive-ins with Guy Fieri. With so much time spent in the car, you might as well make it like a second home. Automotive electronics can not only make the car seem more plush, certain add-ons can enhance your driving experience. When thinking about automotive electronics, the first piece of equipment that probably .es to mind for most is pro audio. People want giant speakers and a subwoofer in the trunk. They want everyone to hear their music as they ride down the street with the windows down. Music is a wonderful form of entertainment and it’s great when you can hear amazing sound quality in your car. Keep in mind the music shouldn’t be a distraction when you are driving nor should it be obnoxious towards other drivers or pedestrians. You can spend as much or as little money as you want on car audio and still increase the quality of the music. For those with a family, DVD players and video screens throughout the car are a great addition. Kids will need that distraction when on long trips. You can find screens that are built right into the headrest or install screens that fold down from the ceiling. Both are wonderful options that will keep the family happy and quiet. If you really want to upgrade the car and provide an even better experience for the family, you can hook up a video game console. Just make sure the kids always wear a set of headphones so you can focus on the road. Helpful automotive electronics to install are navigation systems and backup cameras. Just about everyone is installing a GPS. Do you know how difficult it is to try and figure out the route using an actual map? I don’t understand how people did it. With the help of a satellite, there is no way you could possibly get lost -unless you never ever update your map. Backup cameras are also being installed in brand new cars, but if you have an older model, consider adding one. This safety feature will not only help you parallel park, you can have a clear view of what is behind you at all times. With the right automotive electronics, your car can be both cooler and safer for you and your passengers. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: