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Self-Improvement Body image self esteem can affect men and women of all ages. Body image affects how you feel about yourself and it is also how you perceive others see you as well. If you believe other people have negative thoughts about you, it can also negatively impact body image and self esteem. Since todays world is so focused on the perfect body image, self esteem can be low for many people. People who want to raise self esteem must also put body image in proper perspective. First of all, there is no perfect body. People come in all shapes and sizes. The glamorized body in movies and on television are not typical of the average person. Of course, there are people who are tall and thin but that does not mean everyone must have the same appearance. Men want to be tall and strong. Women strive to be tall and thin. Plastic surgery and procedures have become the norm in many circles where body image is the most important consideration. Coming to terms with body image will help you deal with your own body image self esteem issues. Keep in mind that every individual person is unique. Everyone has some good features and some not-so-good features. Maybe your nose isnt perfect. Or perhaps you are not as tall as you wish you to be. Having a poor or low opinion of your body can cause you to have very low self confidence and low self esteem. So how can you improve body image self esteem and raise self esteem in other ways too? Self esteem hypnosis and self esteem books are resources many turn to for help. There are many online resources that offer help and support. Tips to raise self esteem The following tips offer help for those seeking to raise self esteem: Focus on the good parts of your body first Dress appropriately and focus on positive aspects of your body Find a flattering hairstyle to complement your features Dont compare yourself to others or try to look like them Stop obsessing about how other people look Take good care of your body through healthy activity and nutritious eating Participate in an active lifestyle Avoid alcohol and tobacco which can age skin and cause a number of physical problems Walk and carry your body confidently Self Esteem and Body Image Self esteem and body image are very closely linked. Self esteem is related to how much you like yourself and recognize your value. It is based on how you feel about yourself and is influenced by how other people may think about you too. Boosting self confidence and self esteem is one way to help people deal with body image. A positive attitude is essential to feeling good about yourself. Rather than obsessing about what other people think, focus on your positive attributes. Identify and acknowledge your positive qualities, skills, and abilities that make you unique. Take advantage of self esteem books and other resources to focus on the positive traits you possess. Creating a healthy body image and improving self esteem will give you an opportunity to reach your full potential in life. Body image self esteem can be greatly enhanced when you accept yourself for who you are and acknowledge the positive aspects and value you have to offer. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: