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[express] British chip startups Graphcore received $30 million investment AI Yuan Chi New DAILY 1 British chip startups Graphcore received $30 million investment, investors include Samsung UK Bristow (Bristol) computer chip startups Graphcore recently received $about 30000000 investment, and industry giants Intel and NVIDIA for artificial intelligent hardware market cake. Graphcore is the main machine learning AI chip, can be used in the field of automatic driving and cloud computing. The official said, regardless of the speed of the chip AI or energy efficiency are leading the market similar products, processing capacity is 100 times the other chips. Investors include SamSung group, the German auto giant Bosch and the founder of the Cambridge chip maker Arm Hermann Hauser. Source: ft 2 do not do car mobile phone blackberry and Ford cooperation in the development of automatic driving software according to foreign media reports, blackberry said it will work directly with Ford, the joint development of automotive software, the move will help it get involved in automatic driving technology. BlackBerry try to seek growth in other areas outside of smart phones. BlackBerry’s QNX division general manager John · (John Wall), said Ford has been using its software development in its Sync3 car infotainment system, but before the purchase by panasonic. Cooperation between the two sides will bypass the middlemen, so that Ford and blackberry joint development of more software. Ford has developed an ambitious plan to drive the car automatically, including 2021 sales of 100 thousand automatic driving taxi. Mark ·, chief executive officer, (Mark Fields) said that by the middle of 2020s, Ford will begin to sell auto driving to consumers. Source: Phoenix Science and technology 3 how to find good talent? Facebook artificial intelligence director said wages are important Facebook and Google, Amazon and Microsoft and other U.S. technology giant now has invested heavily in artificial intelligence (AI) business, in order to make their platform become more intelligent and personal assistant. For this reason, some of the efforts of these companies is to find and hire the world’s brightest talent. However, due to too many large companies are competing for the so-called "Ai", therefore, for these companies, the recruitment of the world’s best talent is not easy. Facebook study on Artificial Intelligence Business Director (Yann LeCun), "deposit is one of the most significant global artificial intelligence researchers say they have developed some strategies to attract talents to join Facebook, which is one of the high salary strategy. "No deposit accurately described Facebook for those in machine learning相关的主题文章: