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Facebook want to do mobile phone? Mystery team Building 8 is probably the Facebook and HTC to launch mobile phone Phoenix Technology News Beijing on November 5th news, a cloudy day in May, in the Google conference room, three executives Rafael · Camargo (Rafa Camargo), Richard · Voorde Rich (Richard Wooldridge), Brad Bertrand (Blaise · Bertrand) told the CNET that they want to subvert the mobile phone market. Ara is a building blocks of the same phone, the installation of modular components, buyers can replace their own mobile phone camera, you can increase the additional battery, developers can also develop other components installed on the phone. Three executives claimed that this is the first completely designed by Google phone. Unfortunately, the Ara project finally shelved. Now, three executives have joined a team called "Building 8", which is the newly established secret department of Facebook. Prior to this, there have been a number of well-known figures to join Building 8, they come from Motorola, Tesla, apple, Amazon, of course, as well as other former Google executives. Super team obviously, this is a super team, composed of designers, engineers, manufacturing experts, they are in the end what products? No one outside the Facebook know the answer, but from the recruitment information, there are two obvious: This is a mobile product, may still be a modular product. No matter what the outcome, only from the size of the hardware development team can be seen, Facebook investment is very large. 2013, Facebook and HTC cooperation, launched its first hardware Facebook phone. Subsequently, Facebook increased hardware investment, such as it spent $2 billion acquisition of Oculus. With Building 8, Facebook’s hardware plan seems to be even bigger. April 2016, Zuckerberg said in his blog, Building 8 team focused on VR AR, AI, connection and other important areas. It sounds like the Department is mainly engaged in scientific research. However, from the Department of recruitment information and the recent hiring figures can be seen, the situation seems to be somewhat different from the conjecture. Facebook said in a statement: "Building brings together world-class experts, the goal is to develop and launch breakthrough products, it is the hardware, software and content intersection. We have a clear mandate to develop products that can be shipped on a large scale. Facebook’s mission is to connect the world, and we are particularly focused on devices that are unlikely to be able to identify new product categories that help companies achieve this goal. The B8 team has adopted a breakthrough development approach like DARPA, trying to find a breakthrough in the field of science and product development. B8’s operations are positive and time limited, while B8 also相关的主题文章: