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Computers-and-Technology Application lifecycle management can be defined in a multiple ways, depending on the way with which people look at it. However, it happens to be a critical aspect of the corporate landscape and is radically different from SDLC (software development life cycle) as some people confuse it to be. An applications Lifecycle includes the overall time period through which an organization is incurring expenses on an asset, i.e. from the inception stage to the final stage of the products life. In order to be precise and meaningful, ALM must have an equally wide perspective. Advanced Application Lifecycle Management Solutions & Its Features Eminent market players today offering advanced Application Lifecycle Management studio today fulfils various aspects ranging from requirements management to the final release management phase. This apart, other members such as software architects, analysts, consumers, designers who share deliverables and project assignment objectives amidst them that is brought together worldwide. Other essential features include the following: 100 percent web based solutions – Users are able to access a web architect grounds-up framework through popular browsers such as, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome and many others There are Multiple input procedures that help users to have any requirements through the following methods Sending them by Email, Import them from Microsoft Word Document, Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, or a CSV file with a configurable format, Submitting inputs from a corporate portal or website or from any third party tools in real-time Entity Relations The common feature in a Requirements Management tool is traceability and advanced ALM solution have expanded this Traceability Relation making it a central feature for its built-in applications IT Process Automation ALM solutions assists in the total IT process automation of the inbuilt application Apart from this ALM solutions are also equipped to develop reports of various kinds making use of numerous multiple reporting tools such as:- HTML, allowing direct printing from the application Export any lists to Excel for additional formatting and manipulation Inbuilt Crystal Reports that provide simple means to perform custom formatting Word Reporting leads to fully personalized formatting with multi-level data elements Dashboard Report with update information from the system for reporting any aspect of the project that comprises the overall Project Health or Process Indices Report with Graphical, Tabular and Chart formats Therefore, the modern day ALM solutions enable end users and consumers to arrange in the software delivery process as per their requirements. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: