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Medicine Acne is a reality that you have to face, understand and suffer at some stage of your life. Each one has his story of acne and any story has the reality content and the imaginative content. When you see the suffering of your friends due to acne, you think of finding the solution, to get rid of it, before its arrival. Is it possible to reduce the impact of the attack of acne? Is it possible to counter the myths relating to acne, by providing concrete solutions? Cleanliness is the enemy of any disease, why not acne? It is better for you to adopt a neat and regular cleansing time table. Generally medicated facial washes and cleansers can do a good job for you, but at times, in some cases, they may cause dryness as well. They may cause the skin to produce more oil. You may face more irritation and your skin may become tight. But, there is no alternative for a good gentle-cleanser. To begin with, generally it is the best option. In a few cases, it may not work though. Apart from the medication part of it, at this initial stage, another precaution is necessary. Don’t carry the superfluous fear in your mind that acne is contagious. That doesn’t mean that you can play with your acne. Pimples have that stuff within them that can create other spots, if it is allowed to spread. Therefore, don’t touch them. Another important solution for your acne problem is to take care of your diet. Doctors opine that chocolates and fried food will not cause acne, but that does not mean that you eat such heavy stuff like a glutton. You know what skin-friendly diet is! Take plenty of fruits and vegetables and avoid spicy food to the extent you can. Do not imagine for a while that your present physical problem, the acne problem, has nothing to do with the state of your mind. Acne solutions take their time to show results. Your stress and your impatience may aggravate the situation. Don’t apply all and sundry stuff on your face in order to get rid of acne. It would prove counter-productive. A good cleanser will help your cause. Know the basics, follow them, and have patience. After following the regular procedure, not to think too deeply about the acne solutions is the best solution for recouping the original glow of your skin. You need to consider the effect of every agent that has bearing on your skin. Use cosmetics with care. If possible for you, avoid them altogether, as they may cause skin irritation. Avoid vegetable oils and greasy elements. Also avoid petroleum jelly and oils. But oils like lavender oil, jojoba oil and coconut oil, help cure acne. They are known for their anti-bacterial properties. Do not pick the pimples and blackheads under any circumstances. In short, you need to be careful about your medication, life style and food style. Acne solutions, acne problems, acne myths, acne treatment, medication About the Author: 相关的主题文章: