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The building materials industry five years planning focus on the development of graphene modified materials and building materials industry five years planning focus on the development of graphene and its modified materials, reporter Li Yan Zheng, editor of millet reporters yesterday from the Ministry of information industry was informed that the "building materials industry development plan (2016-2020)" (hereinafter referred to as the "planning" ") has been released. "Planning" proposed, "13th Five-Year" will strengthen building materials and emerging industries, and start the advanced inorganic non-metallic materials to cultivate action. "Planning" proposed to Yajian excess capacity, the upgrading of traditional industries, vigorously develop the green building materials and building materials Bupin components, growth of advanced inorganic non-metallic materials, composite materials and building materials production services. It is noteworthy that the plan will be advanced inorganic non-metallic materials specifically for the emerging building materials industry, the Ministry of industry has also developed a "advanced inorganic non-metallic materials breeding action". The proposed action, focus on the development of advanced inorganic non metallic materials is a field glass based material, industrial ceramics, artificial crystal, mineral functional materials, high performance inorganic fiber and composite materials, graphene and modified materials. Among these inorganic non-metallic materials, graphene has been a popular concept in the market. According to the introduction, graphene technology will bring tremendous changes in the building materials industry. China graphene industry technology innovation strategic alliance parties, graphene has excellent mechanical properties and unique two-dimensional structure, can be used to improve the building material microstructure, thus improving the mechanical properties and durability. He believes that graphene has excellent electrical and thermal properties, but also can be used for building materials to increase conductivity, thermal conductivity and other functions, so that the building materials with structural features of integrated features. The addition of graphene can also bring some intelligent functions such as structural damage and stress and strain self diagnosis. At present, the experts in the field are generally optimistic about the prospects of graphene in thermal insulation materials, building exterior paint, etc.. The market is expected in the field of external wall coating, and in 2015 China’s conventional anti-corrosion coatings, anticorrosive paint production was 3 million tons and 1 million 500 thousand tons, coating production reached 4 million 500 thousand tons in 2017 to reach 6 million tons; or. According to the amount of graphene 1/1000, calculated at $1 million tons, to 2017 its potential market size of 6 billion yuan. The Ministry of industry division of raw materials is also proposed, then, will use the excellent properties of graphene unique, help enhance the transformation of traditional industries, problem oriented, the "one-stop" mode, the terminal application as a leader, to build on the downstream through the graphene industry chain, to promote the first batch of demonstration and application, increasing variety, quality, cost reduction, provided a brand, increase the benefit. Enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章: