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Reference-and-Education You may be aware that food safety training is re.mended for all employees serving, preparing and processing food in Australia, but did you know that taking a food safety course can also be of significant benefit even if you are not employed in a food hospitality environment? Consider food safety training if you routinely volunteer to cook for potlucks or bake sale fundraisers. Your good deeds in providing delicious treats or bolstering the sales at a local fundraiser are doubtless applauded by many, but one case of food poisoning can send those same applauders right to their lawyers to launch a civil suit. As sad as it seems that a simple act of volunteering could turn into a heated court battle, the sad reality is "" this could actually happen to you. Lawyers Simon and Luke LLP (American law firm) call themselves the food poisoning lawyers and urge anyone that has .e down with food borne illness to allow them to sue the tomatoes clean out of the defendant"s hapless fridge. This type of law is similar to tort law, where groups of people affected by a pharmaceutical drug or localised incident are urged by the lawyer to band together for a group lawsuit. The result is usually the defendant backing down and settling out of court. Each affected member receives a portion of the settlement and the lawyer takes a fee. You can see the draw in this type of law. While very necessary to keep unscrupulous corporations from taking advantage or ducking responsibility, this type of law has been known to push the boundaries in encouraging group lawsuits as they can be extremely profitable to the law firm while emotionally and financially devastating to the defendant. An extract from a Volunteering Australia paper entitled, "Running the Risk? Risk Management Tool for Volunteer Involving Organisations" points out that volunteers working with and delivering food is considered is a risk due to possible breach of food safety regulations. They strongly encourage food safety training for these volunteers and point out that the risk level drops to low when the food safety training standards are in place. Volunteering Australia also re.mends a food safety supervisor oversee larger operations where several volunteers are working at the same time. They stipulate that processes learned in food safety training must be strictly adhered to in order to prevent a food poisoning outbreak and a breach of public trust for the volunteer organisation. Taking food safety training helps to protect you and the organisation you are volunteering for from legal action. Volunteering is a very noble, desirable act and those that give their time selflessly for the good of others while not anticipating any gain for themselves ought to be .mended and honored. However, public safety must be protected at all times and the threat of a civil suit is all too real. Taking food safety training will dramatically decrease the likelihood of your volunteer activities going awry. Food safety training is affordable and can be taken conveniently online, by correspondence or in a classroom setting. If you are a volunteer that works with food, consider taking a course today. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: