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Foreign media are not optimistic about the Amazon Prime into Chinese: lift up the big waves Amazon Phoenix Technology News Beijing on November 1st news, according to foreign media reports, Amazon last week in China launched its Prime service. Amazon’s local market in the United States, Prime’s extraordinary influence, but in the Chinese market, Prime is likely to not set off too much waves. In fact, although Prime landed in China last week, the major Western media headlines, but did not have much impact in china. Why is this so? The following is mainly for two reasons: 1, Amazon’s market share is too small share of each company in 2015 China B2C electricity market these figures from the statistics of the German company Statista; although other statistics are slightly different, but shows a fact: Amazon only allow all doubt is a small role China market. Prime is very important in the United States, it is because Amazon dominates nearly 70% of the electricity supplier market in the United States, so Prime has a huge potential user base. But in China, this is not the case. Amazon, of course, understand this, so its Chinese version of Prime service flagship overseas goods free delivery service, hoping to attract more global shoppers. But even that Amazon will not be easy, because the Jingdong Chinese competitors have provided sea outsourcing services to consumers, and the existing user base of these companies is much larger than the amazon. 2, there is no streaming content, although Amazon Prime may provide free global delivery service in China, but it is nothing more than that. In the American version of Prime, users can enjoy the vast amount of Amazon streaming music and video content (including some of the original content of Amazon), but in China, Prime does not include these benefits. Of course, Chinese version Prime of the lower price, the first year of the preferential price of $28, then $57 a year, but the two countries taking into account the gap between the living standards, Chinese version of Prime bring value than the money. These Amazon also understand, but due to trapped in regulatory issues, Amazon may not be able to make a difference. China has strict regulations on the operation of the streaming media platform, and foreign companies are difficult, or even impossible to obtain permission. Even professional video service provider Netflix has abandoned plans to enter the Chinese market. Therefore, the Chinese version of Prime in a short time is likely to be unable to provide content services to the u.s.. Summary: Amazon Prime Chinese landing is a interesting move, if all goes well, may be able to help the Amazon gains a share of China cross-border electricity market. However, for the vast majority of Chinese online shoppers, Amazon Prime landing in China is not a major change, not even worth noting. Most of them may not have heard of Prime, and those who know it may think it is of no value unless they want to use their free delivery services to buy a large number of imported goods. (compile sailing) to see more foreign interesting and novel technology news? Then scan the code to pay attention to the external language.相关的主题文章: