Four roads hold Zhuzhou rail transit city fully completed by the end of 2017 (video) lightscape

Four roads hold Zhuzhou rail transit city fully completed by the end of 2017 (original title: four Avenue hold Zhuzhou rail transit city) Tian Xin Road renderings. For the tunnel shares of Shanghai urban construction group Changsha Red Net News October 24th adjacent to the Yuhua District Changsha City jump Ma Zhen Yunlong demonstration zone in Zhuzhou City, the rise of city rail transit a total area of 36.6 square kilometers. In October 23rd, China Road and tin heart road built by the tunnel shares Shanghai Municipal Urban Construction Group, there were 2 km road pull through roadbed, road and Wolong road also started construction of clouds. This is the four Avenue Zhuzhou rail transit city infrastructure projects in the road network project, the total investment of about RMB 2 billion 819 million yuan, the project construction period of 2 years, the end of the plan to be completed by the end of 2017. Zhuzhou City, the country voted track city for science and technology development limited company chairman Yan Wenyu said, according to the plan, Zhuzhou will use 5 years to build a rail transportation industry as the leading industry, a set of advanced, modern services, high-end residential, high-grade city supporting functions in one of the world first-class modern industrial town. Zhuzhou city rail transit projects across Shifeng and Yunlong demonstration area, the total land area of about 36.6 square kilometers, by the Zhuzhou investment track city science and technology development company responsible for the construction and operation of investment. From 2016 to 2018 for the infrastructure into a network stage, and strive to three years into a network infrastructure." Yan Wenyu introduction, from 2017 to 2020 for the layout of the high-end industry development stage, focus on the development of Tian Xin Road, China Road intersection gold cross plots, autonomous layout of Headquarters Economic Zone, Central Park, comprehensive service center, standard workshop, school, and the introduction of railway traction systems center, the development and application of insulated gate bipolar transistor Interdisciplinary Research Institute, orbit traffic service standard distribution center, the core components of the product identification center, new energy R & D center project, within five years of preliminary show convenient transportation, environment livable, perfect world city rail traffic flow image. From 2020 to 2022, it is the perfect stage of urban function. According to the city rail transportation infrastructure construction plan, in addition to the vehicle road, Tianxin Avenue, Wolong road and clouds Avenue, will be launched this year and the construction of new road, dragon road, lotus leaf, lotus pond dam road road, Yan Dun Road, Xinglong Road, Xinqiao Road, 10 city road. Brief introduction: high road Wolong road across the Shanghai Kunming high-speed Wolong Road (ERON road – Yunxia road section) city roads, road width of 30 meters, two-way 4 lane road length of 1.95 km. Wolong road is the biggest feature of the Shanghai Kunming expressway." Tunnel shares Shanghai urban construction group Zhuzhou rail transit city road network project chief engineer Zhou Tingwen introduction. Clouds Avenue: modified argillaceous siltstone clouds (long road – Yunlong Avenue Road section) for city roads, road width of 40 meters, two-way 6 lane road length of 2.12 km. The main geological clouds Avenue, Wolong road within the range of argillaceous siltstone and pelitic siltstone construction and put forward improvement plan, ensure the construction progress, project quality guarantee. The heart of the road: reserved tram heart相关的主题文章: