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Garlic can help prevent lung cancer? How to eat garlic — anti-cancer food channel — original title: garlic can help prevent lung cancer? How to eat garlic garlic this "hardcore" anti-cancer ingredients have anti-cancer effect? How it is, how to eat to prevent cancer? Let’s look at it. According to the British "Daily Mail" reported that a new study found two times weekly raw garlic, almost halve the risk of lung cancer. Researchers from the Centers for Disease Control and prevention in Jiangsu province of China selected two groups of subjects to compare their eating habits. A group of 1424 patients with lung cancer, and another group of 4500 healthy adults. It was found that people who ate garlic often had a 44% lower risk of developing lung cancer. Even the researchers considered whether smoking, eating raw garlic can still make a decreased risk of lung cancer is about 30%. The researchers explain that garlic allicin can inhibit the inflammatory reaction in the body, and as an antioxidant, reducing the damage to human cells by free radicals. When garlic is crushed or shredded, released when eaten raw garlic will, more reserved. Allicin have a stimulating effect on the stomach, intestines and stomach disease patients to eat. How to eat to eat mashed garlic cancer health effects. Garlic contains alliin and alliinase as effective substances, crushed and they will contact with each other, which has the health care function of allicin. Therefore, the best to eat garlic mash, and put 10~15 minutes after eating, so it is conducive to the formation of allicin. Eat good sterilization effect. In the heating process, the role of organic sulfide content will gradually decline, the higher the temperature, the faster the decline, so do not eat garlic cooked well bactericidal effect. Home with garlic mixed with cold dishes, eat dumplings with vinegar and a small amount of sesame oil the mashed garlic are very healthy eating. Cook in soy pot add some sugar to protect allicin. The garlic soy pan when the oil temperature should not be too high, cooking time should not be too long, will crush garlic into the pot, eat sweet and add a little sugar, because sugar has a protective effect on allicin, allicin can reduce the temperature of destruction. Purple Garlic more than white garlic bacteriostasis. Garlic can be divided into white garlic, black garlic, Purple Garlic etc. according to skin color, including white garlic and purple garlic is more common. Compared with white garlic, purple garlic taste more spicy, the active ingredient content of allicin is higher, the antibacterial effect is more obvious. The head of garlic more anticancer. The head of garlic is actually the Garlic Bulb Plant malnutrition, stunted growth, can not produce multiple petals. The spicy flavor is unique, has some medicinal value, anti-cancer effect is higher than that of ordinary split garlic. Save in the dark. The new garlic water content is relatively high, buy the home should be flat to dry after the preservation, do not put in a plastic bag. Garlic is best preserved in ventilated, dry, dark place, so as to inhibit its germination. Storage should also maintain the integrity of the skin, with the use of peeling. Every day eat not more than 2~3 valve. Allicin has a stimulating effect on the stomach, eat too much garlic, easy to cause acute gastritis, long-term excessive consumption is also likely to cause eye discomfort. For people with poor gastrointestinal function, it is best not to exceed 1 capsules per day相关的主题文章: